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TwinLab FiberSol is a fiber supplement that is designed to enhance digestive health. We were initially disappointed to find that the TwinLab website does not provide any information about the FiberSol product. We are unsure if this means that the company no longer manufacturers the product or if they decided not to include it on the website for another reason. FiberSol is primarily designed for digestive health, many fiber supplements also claim to be helpful in meeting weight loss goals. This is because fiber can make you feel much fuller so you tend to eat less and therefore consume fewer calories. However, we do not believe that fiber alone makes an effective weight loss supplement.

List of Ingredients

The ingredients include Gelatin, Water Purified, MCT, Croscarmellose Sodium

Product Features

Because FiberSol did not appear to be offered through the company website we were unable to find any sort of money back guarantee for the product. We did find FiberSol for sale through a few online retailers for a low price of about $18 for 200 capsules. We also did not see any customer testimonials or clinical evidence to support the claims made by the product. We would encourage consumers to seek out this information to help them make savvy choices about their weight loss supplements.

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  • The FiberSol product is inexpensive and readily available.
  • Fiber supplements enhance digestive health and can contribute to weight loss.


  • FiberSol does not contain a proven fat burner or safe stimulant.
  • This product does not appear to be offered for sale on the company website.
  • We could not find customer testimonials or clinical evidence to back up the claims of the product.


Fiber supplement can be useful for many reasons. This being said we believe there are better weight loss products on the market than a simple fiber supplement.

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    What wokerd best for me was to make small changes. First I quit drinking soda, then started substituting fruit for my; dessert (that really was the hardest because it has been a habit of mine since childhood to have dessert after my last meal). Then I started to park my car further away (whenever I could). I started climbing the stairs, a little at a time. One of the most important tips for losing weight is to get rid of any stress in your life- you can’t lose weight if you are stressed out all the time. I agree that 6 small meals are the best for losing weight or if you don’t have time or whatever, have a small snack between meals just to stave off any hunger pains you might be having. Start to not eat out as much or not at all or just make sure your first meal of the day has no processed foods in it. The closer you are to nature the better off you will be. Exercising was hard for me, because after all who wants to go to the gym looking so fat but really there are alot of people who have been where you are or are actually very supportive of you. You will find that at times you become discouraged, but remember this is not a temporary thing, this should be a lifestyle. Many people have done this and you are one of many people YOU TOO CAN DO THIS ONE DAY AT A TIME!!!