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FiberSure is a product from the makers of Metamucil, one of the original fiber supplements introduced on the market. FiberSure is a clear, non-gritty fiber supplement that can be mixed into liquids or even used in baking to help users get a sufficient amount of fiber every day. According to the product website, 95% of Americans do not get enough fiber in the food they eat. Adding FiberSure to the diet can help meet the dietary requirement of fiber, which can also help prevent some diseases and enhance digestive health. But can a fiber supplement effectively promote weight loss? We will take a closer look at the FiberSure formula to see.

FiberSure is not available for sale directly from the product website, but it can be purchased from a number of online retailers and through many physical stores. Users are recommended to begin with a single serving of FiberSure every day for one week, and then gradually raising intake until they are up to three servings a day. This 100% vegetable fiber does not have any flavor of its own, so it is easy to mix in a wide variety of foods and beverages.


Inulin Fiber.

Product Features

According to the product website, the only ingredient in FiberSure is inulin fiber, which is a vegetable fiber from chicory root. The product website also states that the inulin in FiberSure is grown in Belgium and sent to the United States for packaging. Inulin fiber is an effective fiber for keeping the digestive system in good working order. The other fiber that is used for this purpose is psyllium fiber, which is commonly used for those who need fiber for medicinal reasons.

While we agree that fiber is an essential part of a nutritious diet, we have serious doubts about this substance as an effective weight loss ingredient. While a fiber supplement may have some effect on weight loss, we highly doubt that it will be sufficient to help most dieters reach their weight loss goals. Instead, we recommend weight loss supplements that contain a proven appetite suppressant and fat burner to control cravings and make the most of workout time. FiberSure doesn’t appear to include either one.

At the time of this review, a seven-ounce container of FiberSure costs almost $10. While the price is right, we were disappointed to see that there didn’t seem to be a money back guarantee or a free trial offer on this product.

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  • FiberSure can help users get their recommended daily dosage of fiber.
  • The product is reasonably priced and readily available.


  • FiberSure doesn’t appear to contain an effective appetite suppressant.
  • The product does not include a proven fat burner.
  • We were unable to find a money back guarantee on the product.


Fiber supplements certainly have their place in the American diet today, but we really don’t think weight loss is one of fiber’s many benefits. Without a proven appetite suppressant or fat burner, we believe dieters will be better off looking elsewhere for their weight loss needs.

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  • 1

    Where in Miami can I buy this product


  • 2
    Alan Rose

    I was purchasing Fiber Sure at Walgreens,then they pulled it off the shelf.Their brand does not work for me.I live in Phoenix,AZ.where can I purchase your product?


  • 3
    shirley brewer

    where may I find fibersure. I’ve looked at wal-mart and riteaid in my town.


  • 4
    Donna Steinmetz

    I can’t seem to find any store that carry FiberSure here in Portland Oregon. Can you give me any suggestions? I like FiberSure because it dissvolves completely and it agrees with me. Thanks, Donna


  • 5
    L.J. Manwaring

    Is fibersure safe to routinely give to children (2-3 yrs old)? Ours are constipated all the time & we’re working on changes in diet. Until then, can we safely use this product?


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