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Editor's Review: 4.1 / 5.0

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Fibersyn is a weight loss supplement designed to support a low-carb diet program. To help dieters who are trying to loss weight through a reduction of carbohydrates, this supplement will block carbohydrate calories while it suppresses appetite, curbs sugar cravings and increases calorie burning. We were unable to find a product website for Fibersyn, and the product doesn’t appear to be sold through the typical online retailers. Instead, we found a few offerings of Fibersyn through online auction houses like eBay. This fact does not inspire our confidence in the safety or effectiveness of the Fibersyn formula, but we will take a closer look at the product to see precisely what it may offer.

It does appear that Fibersyn was sold through its own product website at one time. We don’t know if the lack of availability at the time of this review indicates a lack of potency in the formula, a lack of demand for the product or both. However, we would like to note that consumers who try Fibersyn and like it may be hard pressed to find additional quantities of the item, since it appears to be discontinued at this time.


Glucomannan, phaseolus vulgaris, chromium, green tea extract, dandelion root, milk thistle, cayenne pepper, noni fruit extract.

Product Features

We don’t see anything in this mix that is particularly earth shattering in the weight loss industry. Many of the ingredients are fairly typical in weight loss supplements, although not all are the most effective ingredients available.

We like that the Fibersyn formula includes the thermogenic ingredient green tea, which can boost metabolism and help you burn calories more efficiently. We also like the addition of chromium, a substance that can aid in the conversion of fat to muscle and regulate blood sugar levels. However, we find that these two ingredients tend to be more effective when combined with other proven weight loss substances like additional fat burners and appetite suppressants. This formula doesn’t appear potent enough to provide the desired weight loss effect.

It appears that the original price of Fibersyn was $79 for 60 capsules. This is a pretty high price for such a mediocre formula, which makes us wonder if this is why the product is no longer readily available. At the time of this review, consumers can purchase the same bottle of Fibersyn on eBay for about $12.

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  • Fibersyn contains green tea and chromium.
  • The product can be purchased from online auction houses for a reduced price.


  • Fibersyn no longer has an official online presence.
  • Subsequent orders may be difficult to find.
  • The formula doesn’t have many effective ingredients.


We have to wonder why Fibersyn is no longer available through an official website or online retailer. The lackluster formula may give us a clue. While this product contains some good weight loss ingredients, we don’t believe it includes enough to give dieters the best value for their weight loss dollar. We believe there are more potent formulas in other products.

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