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Fibotane is a supplement offered by the company Advocare, a network marketing company that spends as much time attesting to the income potential of associates as it does touting the praises of its products. Fibotane is advertised as a multinutrient supplement that will remove waste from the intestinal tract. There is no mention on this particular Advocare website of this product being used as a weight loss supplement. However, we know that many products with similar formulas are being marketed as aids for weight loss, so we will take a closer look at the Fibotane formula to see if it provides any benefits in this area.

We are disappointed to find the Fibotane is sold on very few websites at this time. This lack of availability makes it very difficult for consumers to find the products they want, and to reorder the products they like. Fibotane is sold on an Advocare website, with discounts to Advocare members and associates of the company.


We were unable to find a complete ingredient listing for Fibotane.

Product Features

The lack of ingredient list is concerning, since it is impossible for consumers to accurately assess the effectiveness and safety of a product without this information. We did find that the formula includes chitosan and guar gum, leading us to believe that the product acts more as a laxative than a weight loss supplement.

Chitosan is believed to attract fat from food so that it can be eliminated from the body quickly and efficiently. Some weight loss supplements containing this ingredient claim that chitosan allows dieters to eat all the foods they love without taking in the fat they contain. This “fact” remains to be proven from a scientific standpoint, however, and Advocare does not provide scientific evidence to support their product. Since chitosan is made from shellfish, those allergic to shellfish should not take supplements containing chitosan. Guar gum is a type of laxative that claims to promote regularity and relieve constipation. There are no appetite suppressants or fat burners in this formula, leading us to believe that weight loss benefits from Fibotane would be minimal at best.

At the time of this review, a bottle of 180 Fibotane capsules sells for about $33. Discounts were available for Advocare members, but we couldn’t find any sort of money back guarantee for the product.

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  • Fibotane is a fiber supplement that may have some health advantages.
  • The product is sold directly through the company.


  • Fibotane does not contain a proven fat burner or appetite suppressant.
  • There does not appear to be a money back guarantee.
  • The product is not available through other online retailers.


There are many weight loss supplements on the market today, allowing consumers to make savvy decisions about their weight loss products. We encourage consumers to look for companies that disclose complete information about their products, including full ingredient lists and a money back guarantee. Since Advocare does not provide either, we feel there are better companies to turn to for your weight loss needs.

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    Olivia Ezell

    I took Fibotane several yrs. ago. It did block the fat. I purchased my last bottle about three yrs. ago. There is no date on it. Is it safe to take?