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It is important to know as much as you can about an over-the-counter supplement before you purchase it. This is why we created this review of Fibra Detox. It is essentially an internal cleanse formula that can be used by both men and women. Like many other supplements these days, this one is initially given to you in a free trial form. However, the catch is that your credit card number is required.

As for the key ingredients used in Fibra Detox, these are Psylium, Muciligenic Fibers and White Oak Bark. All of these components aid with bowel movements. According to the main website, humans have five to eight meals worth the waste sitting in their colons at any given time. The goal of Fibra Detox is to help minimize this waste by encouraging regularity. The website goes on to say that various parasites are located in the digestive tract, due to all the waste. This in turn hinders nutrient absorption. By taking Fibra Detox daily, you can potentially detoxify your organs, lower your cholesterol, and reduce water retention, while flushing out your colon.

List of Ingredients

Psylium, Muciligenic Fibers and White Oak Bark.

Product Features

Fibra Detox is one of many capsule formulas on the market today that is claimed to assist with internal cleansing. This product also endeavors to aid with fat burning, minimize bloating, and heighten your metabolism. Although no specific ingredients are listed on the primary website for Fibra Detox, we were able to find out three of the main components used in this product. All of which are incorporated to help with internal cleansing and/or regularity. According to the official website, Fibra Detox is the number one natural cleanse supplement. It is supposed to flush waste out of the colon, and pull toxins out of the bloodstream. Although there is no 100 percent satisfaction guarantee with this supplement, there is a 100 percent quality guarantee provided. The cost of Fibra Detox is not revealed.

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  • This dietary formula contains natural ingredients.
  • Fibra Detox may assist with regularity and reduced bloating from gas.


  • There is no 100% money-back guarantee offered with Fibra Detox.
  • This formula may flush both good and bad bacteria out of your colon.
  • It is unclear how Fibra Detox can boost the metabolism or burn away fat.
  • The “free trial offer” requires your credit card number.


In the end, Fibra Detox is not backed by any legitimate studies. While this supplement formula may be able to aid with regularity, it is unlikely to assist with fat burning. Furthermore, many doctors do not recommend these “internal cleansers,” because they cause an imbalance in the digestive tract. This is because they flush out both good and bad bacteria that is needed.

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    brenda Dillon

    I would like to cancel my order of Proslim Fibra Detox.I need to get a RMA # so I can send this back.Thanks
    Brenda Dillon


  • 3
    gloria smith

    I would like to cancell my order or proslim fibra detox.thank you.


  • 4
    vickie edwards

    i have receiived the wrong shippment from fibra. i got the resveravida and have been receiving the fibra detox . can you please reship me the correct product


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    I have liver damage is this product safe for me?


  • 6
    Bettye Owens

    Please cancell all orders for proslim fibra detox. I do not want this.


  • 7
    Irina Walker

    How do I take this product. How many capsules, and how many times a day do I take them?


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