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FibraSlim is another fiber supplement that provides similar ingredients and promises to other fiber products on the market today. FibraSlim is marketed through a few online retailers, but we had trouble finding an official online presence for this product. There was a product website at the time of this review, but consumers interested in purchasing FibraSlim were sent to a different retailer to actually complete the transaction. We are always somewhat concerned about weight loss supplements that do not appear to be backed by an official online presence, but we will take a closer look at the FibraSlim formula to see if it can provide a positive benefit to dieters.

FibraSlim claims to promote weight loss without using potentially harmful substances like ephedra and other stimulants. While we appreciate the absence of ephedra from the formula, we do believe that weight loss supplements are more effective when they include some safe thermogenic ingredients like green tea, guarana or caffeine. These substances will raise body temperature to boost metabolism and increase calorie burning, and are quite effective in promoting weight loss.


Konjac extract, morus alba extract, sodium alginate and xantham gum. Some formulations also include mulberry leaf extract.

Product Features

Konjac extract is also known as glucomannan and comes from the konjac plant that is a native to some areas of Asia.

Glucomannan has been touted as the newest weight loss wonder because it can make dieters feel full for longer so they consume less calories. The product website does provide a number of scientific studies that have been done on glucomannan, showing that the ingredient does contribute to weight loss. However, the results were far from breathtaking and the studies were mainly done on glucommanan in general and not on FibraSlim specifically.

At the time of this review, a bottle of 180 FibraSlim capsules sells for about $8 through some online retailers. We were unable to find money back guarantees or free trial offers for the product. It is also important to note that the original price of this product has been slashed in half, leading us to wonder if FibraSlim has not sold particularly well.

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  • FibraSlim may offer some health benefits.
  • The product is inexpensive.


  • FibraSlim does not contain a proven fat burner or appetite suppressant.
  • The product has limited availability.
  • We were unable to find a money back guarantee or free trial offer.


Fiber supplements have become another trend in weight loss products, and there is some health benefit in taking them. However, the weight loss assistance from these formulas is minimal. We believe that a weight loss supplement that contains a proven fat burner and appetite suppressant will provide the best weight loss results.

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    abdul aziz


    I want to buy fibra slim but i dont know where i can find it. Please show me some retailer in islamabad or peshawer.