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FibreLife is yet another fiber supplement that is touted for its weight loss capabilities. However, we remain unconvinced that a fiber supplement alone is the best key to weight loss. This product is offered by Lifestyles, a multi-level marketing company that appears to be as interested in recruiting new associates as they are in selling products. It is also important to note that the availability of Lifestyles products like FibreLife may be somewhat limited, since few online retailers appear to offer the merchandise and we were unable to find a way to order products directly from the company. However, there is plenty of information available for FibreLife and we will take a closer look to see how it stacks up as a weight loss supplement.

FibreLife claims to be one of the most potent fiber supplements around because it combines three different types of fiber for maximum benefit. However, we have seen a number of these products with very similar formulas and seriously doubt there is much to FibreLife to make it stand out from the rest.


Konjac glucomannan, xanthan gum, guar gum and cinnamon extract.

Product Features

The first three ingredients are common in many fiber supplements. Glucomannan works by promoting a healthy elimination system and reducing constipation. Xanthan gum and guar gum are said to reduce appetite, control cholesterol and promote a healthy digestive system. Cinnamon has been used as both a spice and medicinal aid that may help regulate blood sugar levels. However, studies are still being done to see if this ingredient really does have much effect in this area.

Many studies are posted on the positive effects of these ingredients. While we appreciate that Lifestyles took the time to post so much clinical research, most of the testing was done on the ingredients separately and not on the FibreLife formula specifically. We also noted that many of the studies dealt with issues besides obesity, such as digestive disorders. We don’t believe that this sort of clinical evidence is sufficient to back up the specific claims of FibreLife.

We are somewhat concerned about the lack of availability in this product. We believe that credible products will be available through the company and many online retailers. Consumers interested in this product may have a hard time finding it for purchase. It does appear that a bottle of 60 capsules sells for about $30 at the time of this review.

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  • FibreLife may provide a number of health benefits.


  • The product does not contain a proven fat burner.
  • The appetite suppression of the included ingredients may not be potent enough for some dieters.
  • The product appears to be difficult to find for purchase.


There is no doubt that a fiber supplement like FibreLife may provide a number of health benefits, but we seriously doubt that weight loss is one of them. We believe that the best weight loss supplements will include a proven appetite suppressant and fat burner for best results. Take FibreLife for your health, but find another, more effective product for your weight loss needs.

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