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Fibretrim is a weight loss supplement that employs the appetite suppressing qualities of fiber as a main ingredient. There is no official ingredient list on the official website, but the ingredients are listed at various points in the product description. Many of the ingredients include a brief description of how they work in the body and some even include references to clinical research to support health benefits. Fiber can work as an appetite suppressant and it may help control blood sugar levels, but there is more to weight loss than reducing appetite.

List of Ingredients

Inulin (fiber), Yerba Mate Extract, Guarana Extract, Damiana Extract and Vitamin C.

Product Features

The main ingredient in Fibretrim is fiber. Fiber, when taken before a meal, slows digestion to reduce hunger. It also allows the body to react to food digestion more slowly so blood glucose does not spike and fall. A sharp fall in blood glucose causes hunger and cravings often leading to weight gain and increased risk for type 2 diabetes.

Yerba mate extract is a natural stimulant commonly consumed in drink form. Unlike caffeine, yerba mate is not proven to boost metabolism, but the ingredient has been around for thousands of years and tends to have a positive rating with alternative experts. As is the case with any stimulant, yerba mate can cause jitters and nausea in dieters sensitive to caffeine or stimulants.

Guarana extract is a second stimulant. The list of potential side effects includes shakiness, anxiety and sleeplessness. It is important not to take Fibretrim within five hours of bedtime. Guarana is not clinically proven for weight loss.

Damiana extract is a third stimulant. It is clear that Fibretrim does not simply focus on appetite, but including three stimulants is a bit of overkill. The formula would be more effective if proven ingredients were added in place of three unproven stimulants. Exchanging these stimulants for caffeine and green tea would create a powerful weight loss supplement.

Vitamin C improves immune system function and response. There is no weight loss benefit associated with vitamin C.

Fibretrim sells for $26 for 20 sachets. The supplement is taken in drink form and tastes like orange and mango. There are no testimonials regarding weight loss or taste.

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  • Fiber helps satisfy appetite.
  • Stimulants increase heart rate and calorie burn.
  • Fiber may help control blood glucose.
  • The price is less than most fat burners.


  • Fiber is the only proven weight loss ingredient.
  • Fiber does not work if the dieter does not consume the product about 30 minutes before a meal.
  • Dieters sensitive to caffeine may experience negative side effects.


Fibretrim is a fiber supplement with three stimulants. These stimulants are not proven to boost metabolism.

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