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In the weight loss industry, there are products designed to help you drop pounds – and some to simply make you look as though you have. Figure 8 Vanish Water Relief Treatment System by Arbonne falls into the latter. This topical solution is to be rubbed onto the skin to produce the appearance of firmer, leaner arms, legs and buttocks. While we are skeptical of a topical solution’s ability to provide the illusion of weight loss, we will examine the formula to see if it can actually offer some benefit in this area.

Figure 8 Vanish Water Relief Treatment System is sold through online retailers and the Arbonne website. We would like to note that the company website seems more interested in recruiting new associates than in selling products, and provides very little information about the product formulas. This is disappointing, since we like companies to be forthcoming with information that allows consumers to make savvy choices about weight loss supplements.


Aside from stating that the formula in Figure 8 Vanish Water Relief Treatment System is botanically based, we could find absolutely no information about the ingredients in this product.

Product Features

Whether you are taking an oral supplement or rubbing a topical solution onto your skin, we believe consumers have the right to know precisely what is in the products they buy. Without this essential information, it is impossible to know whether the product in question is effective or even safe.

We encourage consumers to look for oral supplements that include a proven fat burner and appetite suppressant. The appetite suppressant will help dieter control cravings and portions, while the fat burner will allow users to burn calories more efficiently and help users make the most of workout time. We are fairly certain that Figure 8 Vanish Water Relief Treatment System contains none of the above, and we can’t even be sure that the product contains anything that will help diminish the appearance of cellulite.

At the time of this review, a six-ounce container of Figure 8 Vanish Water Relief Treatment System costs about $40. This is a high price to pay for a skin care product, especially in light of the fact that no ingredient list is provided. The company does at least provide a 45-day money back guarantee on all purchases.

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  • The product is available through a number of online retailers.
  • The product claims to address the issue of cellulite.


  • A complete ingredient list is not available.
  • The product is a topical solution rather than an oral supplement.
  • We don’t believe the product includes an appetite suppressant or fat burner.


We always encourage consumers to shop with companies that disclose full information about their products. This allows consumers to make savvy choices about their weight loss products in terms of effectiveness and safety. In addition to no information about the products formula, Figure 8 Vanish Water Relief Treatment System does not address the underlying cause of weight gain or a true solution. We believe consumers are better off looking elsewhere for their weight loss needs.

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