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The Figure 8 Weight Loss Program is a challenge put forth by the Arbonne company to provide women with the motivation they need to drop the extra pounds all year round. The program is laid out on a website specifically devoted to it, which provides information about weight loss, meal plans and recipes and products designed to help you meet your weight loss goals. The product line includes weight loss supplements, fiber supplements, protein shakes and a detox tea. We will take a closer look at this product line to see if it offers formulas with enough potency to really help dieters meet their weight loss goals.

The Figure 8 Weight Loss Program also includes tools and calculators to help you assess your weight loss needs and track your progress. There are message boards available so dieters can lean on one another for support and exchange ideas. Customer testimonials are included, touting the effectiveness of this program in meeting weight loss goals. Unfortunately, we did not see information about exercise included on this website.


Ingredient lists are available from retailers upon request.

Product Features

In perusing the product listing, we found that many of the Arbonne products in the Figure 8 Weight Loss Program are on the more expensive end of the scale. For example, a bottle of 90 of the Going, Going, Gone! tablets retails for $47.50 at the time of this review. While there is a money back guarantee on Arbonne products, we believe this is a high price to pay for items that do not offer a complete ingredient list before purchasing.

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  • The Figure 8 Weight Loss Program combines diet and supplementation for best results.
  • The products are readily available from the company website.


  • Exercise is not encouraged with the program.
  • The products are expensive.


While we like the idea of combining a nutritious, low calorie diet with effective supplementation for best weight loss results, we have no way of knowing whether the products in the Figure 8 Weight Loss Program can deliver desired results. We prefer companies that make full disclosure of products prior to purchase so consumers can make savvy choices about their weight loss needs. We believe other companies will provide this information for less expensive products, making them a better value for the weight loss dollar.

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8 User Reviews about Figure 8 Weight Loss Program

  • 1

    Does it taste good?


    Maria Presta

    Hi Miranda,

    I am a consultant for Arbonne and I have been using the Anti-Aging products for some time because they are truly amazing. Just recently however, I decided to try the Figure 8 Protein / Mineral / Vitamin Shake. Other protein drinks simply focus on the amount of protein and may be a little cheaper BUT it has minimal / no nutritional nutrients other than the protein itself. Figure 8 is combining 20g of PEA / RICE protein PLUS an entire listing of 23 Vitamins and Minerals including: Flax Seed, Vitamin A, C, D, E, B6, B12, Q10 and so much more…

    I recommend you read up PEA/RICE protein vs Whey and other protein products. If you wish more information please email me.



  • 2

    I agree with Jessica, my experience with the Figure 8 is all about the energy I felt. I’ve been a couch potato for over 2 years and I joind a Jazzercise class and have never had more energy. I was pretty blown away. the figure 8 program really works. Plus it’s vegan!


  • 3

    I’ve been on Figure 8 for the past 14 days. I have combined the program with a detox and have another 14 days. So far I have lost 8 lbs. The first week was good. The second week was a struggle. I found myself hungry. I kept drinking the fizz water and drank the detox tea. I am excited to see how much I can lose the next two weeks.


  • 4

    I absolutely LOVE the Figure 8 program. And the “con’s” on here about not exercising and the afford-ability are myths.

    The product is packed full of energy in which it definitely helps us work out. It actually makes it much easier for us to do so.

    The biggest factor for me has been associated with portion control. I am a huge eater but since using this product my portion control has been at it’s best.

    Even with a day off of the product I am still unable to eat as much as I use to.

    It also seems expensive at first but if you calculate the amount of product that comes with the start-up kit- it’s a pretty affordable weight loss plan. Very much worth it.


  • 5

    Does the Chocolate Weight Loss Chews have ephedra in them? I have high blood pressure.



    NO. The Figure8 program is AWESOME. I joined as a distributor so I can get the wholesale prices which is a 35% discount and that’s not including the ability to get 80% discounts after you spend a certain dollar amount. I will be happy to fill you in, just email me michelle.grigsby(at)


  • 6

    I like to find information regarding safety of the Figure 8 program for patients with chronic diseases like diabees