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Figure Trim is a weight loss supplement that is difficult to find online. The product’s availability appears to be restricted to a handful of retailers in the United Kingdom, and few provide much information about the product’s formula. Another issue in reviewing this product is the fact that different websites seem to offer slightly different information in terms of ingredients listed. We will do our best to compile the available information to provide consumers with the best guess on the safety and effectiveness of the Figure Trim formula.

Figure Trim is advertised as a weight loss supplement that is designed to maintain an optimal balance between body fat and lean muscle. This seems like a rather vague statement, and we are unsure whether the primary purpose is appetite suppression, fat burning or a combination of the two. Another website claims that product can improve body content and general well being, another vague statement that doesn’t provide much clue about how the formula is supposed to work. The product is currently sold on British websites, but we couldn’t find Figure Trim in the American market or sold in US dollars.


CLA from safflower oil, chromium and lecithin.

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CLA stands for conjugated linoleic acid, a naturally occurring fatty acid found in animal products. Supposedly, research done on CLA shows that it can reduce fat and build muscle in the body. Since few of us get sufficient CLA in diet to achieve maximum benefit, many bodybuilders and weight loss gurus suggest a CLA supplement to enhance results. Chromium is another ingredient that can support the conversion of fat to muscle in the body. Lecithin has been touted by some as weight loss ingredient as well; however, there is little scientific evidence to support this claim at the time of this review.

Because we were unable to find Figure Trim for sale in the United States, it is impossible to know what the cost of the product might be in this country. It was also difficult to ascertain whether this product would come with a money back guarantee. It does appear that Figure Trim can be purchased at a discounted price, especially when the product is ordered in bulk.

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  • Figure Trim contains chromium.
  • Discounts are available for multiple purchases.


  • The product does not appear to be available outside the United Kingdom.
  • We were unable to get a definite ingredient list.
  • We could not find a money back guarantee on the product.


There are numerous weight loss supplements on the market today, and many contain similar ingredients to those that appear to be found in Figure Trim. This particular formula seems to be lacking potent active ingredients like an appetite suppressant and fat burner, which makes us doubt just how effective the product would be. In addition, the lack of availability outside the United Kingdom leads us t recommend other products that are more widely available and provide more comprehensive information.

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