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What You Should Know

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FinaFlex is a line of supplements from Redefine Nutrition. The supplements are designed for bodybuilders. There are no weight loss products in the line. We found supplements designed to build muscle; help the body recover after a course of prohormones, increase testosterone and support fat loss in athletes. The products are available across the web, but they are also centrally located on the Redefine Nutrition website. Though the line is not created for dieters, there is a fat burner in the mix.

List of Ingredients

Bodybuilding supplements

  • Methyl Ice
  • N.O. Ignite
  • FinaFlex 1-Andro
  • FinaFlex ALC + CLA
  • FinaFlex Epi-V
  • Pro Xanthine
  • Cell Shock
  • Pure Test
  • PCT Black

Product Features

When it comes to bodybuilding, there are several stages the athlete must worry about. The first is the bulking stage when muscle growth is fostered. FinaFlex offers supplements to boost testosterone in various ways to help the bodybuilder achieve muscle mass goals.

After the bulking phase a PCT, post cycle therapy, is needed to support healthy liver and organ function. FinaFlex offers PCT Black for this purpose.

The final stage of bodybuilding is the cutting stage. Cutting requires the bodybuilder change the diet to a lower carbohydrate mix and take fat burners and diuretics to reduce fat stores and water retention from creatine. FinaFlex offers Pro Xanthine and Methyl Ice to reduce fat stores, increase energy and reduce water weight.

The company has thought of everything the bodybuilder needs, but there is one thing missing. We found no testimonials or clinical studies backing any of the supplements. Bodybuilders tend to pass along the names of the supplements they love via forums, but this supplement line does not appear to have much of a following.

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  • All FinaFlex products are available on the official website.
  • The line is complete – offering everything the bodybuilder needs at all stages or progress.
  • Some products are affordable.
  • All ingredients are available online.


  • Not designed to dieters.
  • May not have the following of other supplement lineups.
  • No clinical studies listed on the Redefine Nutrition website.


There are so many bodybuilding supplements to choose from companies need to set the product lines they offer apart from the competition. FinaFlex is a complete line, which means the bodybuilder can find all the supplements they need for bulking, recovery and cutting in one place. The formulas are created to work together and some can be stacked for optimal performance. We would like to see a better support system for the supplements, such as clinical research and testing, but that is not common in bodybuilding. Dieters will not find any supplements they need to lose weight from FinaFlex.

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