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Find Your Body Type allows dieters to search for a specific body type based on where they gain and hold extra weight to personalize the weight loss experience. The diet focuses on the 7 Principles of Fat Burning by Eric Berg. Using these principles, combined with information about your body, dieters can change eating and workout habits and lose weight naturally and easily, according to the website description. The shop associated with the Find Your Body Type website sells supplements and kits to increase weight loss and improve chances of achieving goals. There does not appear to be a specific fee for website access.

List of Ingredients

Weight loss system focused on body type.

Product Features

The visitor to the Find Your Body Type website starts off by taking a quiz to determine body type. After body type is determined, the dieter can choose a specific diet program based on the results. There is likely a cost associated with the diet plan, but that price is not revealed in the website description, FAQs or terms and conditions.

The shop sells supplements to support weight loss depending on the results of the quiz. There is a Liver Body Type Kit, Adrenal Body Type Kit, Ovary Body Type Kit and Thyroid Body Type Kit. Each kit sells for $149.90 and contains a two-month supply of supplements, an eBook, software program to track health and weight loss prediction software. Supplements include a detox, super nutrients and melatonin product.

There is a strong hormonal focus on the Find Your Body Type diet website. According to one description, fat burning hormones are more important than calories and 95-percent of all fat is burned at night. There are no clinical research studies listed to support these claims. We find it hard to believe that primary fat burn occurs at night when metabolism is at its slowest.

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  • Some information on the Find your Body Type website is free for visitors.
  • There does not appear to be a fee to access the website after joining.
  • Supplements are offered to support weight loss.
  • All ingredients are listed for supplements.


  • Claims are not supported with clinical research.
  • Dieters fall into body type categories based on quiz responses.
  • No mention of exercise for weight loss.


The Find Your Body Type Diet focuses on user responses to a body type quiz. The same quiz is used for every visitor. There are no clinical studies supporting the four body types listed in the diet literature. Dieters are told fat burning occurs at night, but metabolism is strongest during waking hours. Supplements may not include proven ingredients. Supplements are packaged together so the dieter cannot choose specific supplements.

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