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Fiona Hunter’s Asparagus Diet is touted as the perfect diet to help you get ready for summer. This two-week program is designed to help users drop a significant amount of weight quickly – as long as you don’t mind eating asparagus every day for that two week period. The good news is that asparagus isn’t the only thing on the menu during this diet; users can also enjoy fresh fruits, whole grains and toast. The program consists of three meals and a snack and asparagus is also included in one meal every single day.

According to Fiona Hunter’s Asparagus Diet, asparagus is the vegetable of choice in this program because it is extremely low in calories and ultra-rich in nutrients. A single serving of asparagus contains just over 20 calories and is packed with folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B1, potassium and calcium. Because Fiona Hunter’s Asparagus Diet hails to us from England, all the serving sizes for the menu options are shown in metric measurements.


A sample of a daily menu for Fiona Hunter’s Asparagus Diet includes a fruit smoothie and low fat bar for breakfast, baked beans on whole grain bread for lunch and grilled fishcakes with asparagus for dinner.

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The foods on the menu all consist of fresh ingredients that may prove to be somewhat pricey for the dieter, and some of the dishes may take some time to prepare as well. However, if one is up to the challenge of maintaining Fiona Hunter’s Asparagus Diet for the full two weeks, the website promises weight loss of up to seven pounds.

While we like the many nutritional foods that are included in Fiona Hunter’s Asparagus Diet, we are very skeptical of any program that is done for such a short period of time and featuring a single food. Although some preliminary weight loss may indeed occur, this plan will hardly be sufficient for those hoping to lose more weight. We believe that the best approach to weight loss usually includes a sensible, low calorie diet, exercise and an effective weight loss supplement for best results.

Fiona Hunter’s Asparagus Diet is free to anyone who wants to download the information off of the official website. However, the cost may rise considerably when you begin shopping for the food that is required for the program. It is also a good idea to calculate in the amount of time that will be spent preparing the necessary dishes.

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  • Fiona Hunter’s Asparagus Diet includes many nutritious foods.
  • The diet program is free on the official website.


  • The program only lasts two weeks.
  • Diets that feature a single food are rarely effective in long term weight loss.
  • The foods may be expensive to purchase and time consuming to prepare.


We like that Fiona Hunter’s Asparagus Diet includes a number of nutritious foods. However, short time diets that are this strict are rarely a formula for significant, long term weight loss. We prefer a program that incorporates a low calorie diet, daily exercise and an effective supplement for best results.

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