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What You Should Know

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Fire Burst is a QNT product designed to boost energy. There are thousands of energy boosters on the market and the only thing unique about this product is the name. The dieter should look at the ingredient list on all supplements and products before purchasing. This is a sugar water with caffeine and guarana and that’s it. There are no proven appetite suppressants and no ingredients to support muscle recovery. Most of the ingredients on the list are hidden behind laboratory numbers.

List of Ingredients

Water, Sugar, Acidifier E330, Guarana Extract, Acidity Corrector E331, Flavor, Caffeine, Antioxygen E300, Sweeteners E951 and E950 and Color Agent E129.

Product Features

The QNT website is packed with pictures of fitness gurus and athletes. It is the visitors assumption that these people use products like Fire Burst, but we doubt that very seriously. The serious athlete would not use a sugared workout drink that contains just 150 mg of caffeine. The drink is supposed to be consumed before and during the workout, but it contains only 500 ml or 16 ounces for readers in the United States. It is important to stay hydrated during a workout and that requires more than any 16 ounces of sugar water.

Guarana is listed as an active ingredient, but there is a good chance the guarana is standardized for caffeine. This could mean there is more than 150 mg of caffeine and it certainly means the drink is going to make the athlete feel like they’ve consumed more than 150 mg of caffeine.

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  • All ingredients are listed on the QNT website.
  • The formula contains a proven fat burner.
  • Available for sale online.


  • May not be available in the United States.
  • Contains nothing more than water, sugar and stimulants.
  • Should not be used with fat burners or weight loss supplements.
  • Users should limit intake of caffeine.
  • Contains 150 mg of caffeine per serving.
  • May cause an increase in hunger.
  • Guarana is not proven to increase metabolism.


We love caffeine when used the right way, but Fire Burst does not supply caffeine the way it should be used for weight loss. Fire Burst is all about energy. Bodybuilders and athletes can consume one serving before working out and feel the change in energy within minutes, but what is the user paying for. The first ingredient is water and the second is sugar. Sugar is not necessary for increased energy, but it does add unnecessary calories. We would love to see a little more depth to this product, like the addition of an appetite suppressant or green tea to boost metabolism. The dieter and athlete may find they get more energy and save money using a simple caffeine supplement instead of spending high dollar for a caffeinated flavored water.

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