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Dieters often try hundreds of diets and weight loss plans only to find they weigh the same or more than they did when they started. According to Dr. Joe Kasper, it is time to Fire your Diet and finally lose weight without the fear of rebound weight gain. Dr. Kasper is a health coach and motivational speaker. He holds a weekly talk show called Talkin’ Health and trains various athletes with his S.E.E.M. workout system. Dr. Kasper supports exercise for weight loss and he created the 22-Minute Workout to help people achieve weight loss and workout goals with just 22 minutes, twice a week. While 44 minutes of workouts twice a week are not enough, according to other health experts, it is a start in the right direction.

List of Ingredients

Weight loss, improved health and exercise advice from Dr. Joe Kasper.

Product Features

The Fire Your Diet plan is based on a food pyramid created by Kasper. One the bottom of the food pyramid is purified water, exercise and supplementation. These are more important than eating fruits, vegetables, lean protein and healthy oils. At the top of the food pyramid, where fat is normally located is processed foods.

The website reads more like an advertisement for books, eBooks and workout programs written and starring Kasper. The doctor even offers to visit your home personally for a day and a half to train you on proper eating techniques, take you shopping and help you create the ideal home environment for weight loss and ultimate health. The cost is $15,000.

There is no doubt Kasper has the education to offer healthy eating and exercise advice, but the information is not presented as professionally as we would like for such a strong educational background. Testimonials on the official website include one professional baseball player and several professional life coaches and doctors. People who have lost weight using the Fire Your Diet plan are not represented on the testimonial page.

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  • Coaching may help a dieter stick with a new eating plan.
  • Exercise is supported by Fire Your Diet creator.
  • Some eBooks sell for one penny.


  • Testimonials from real people having lost weight on the plan are not available.
  • Some products are expensive, like a home visit for $15,000.


We know nothing about the Fire Your Diet plan based on the information provided on the official website. The author gives dieters a list of 10 reasons to Fire Your Diet, but the solutions are left for dieters who purchase the program information. The food pyramid lists exercise and supplements as the most important parts of weight loss, we tend to disagree as food choices are more important than any other factor of weight loss.

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