Fireball Formulated For Her Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

What You Should Know

Precision Engineered offers a hardcore fat burner created just for women. Fireball Formulated for Her is packed with stimulants, mood altering herbs and diuretics. The company adds an amino acid blend to round out the fat burner, but the damage is already done. Fireball Formulated for Her is a dangerous mix of more than 20 ingredients.

List of Ingredients

Thermo Complex: Caffeine, Green Tea Extract, Black Tea Extract, Cocoa Extract, Korean Ginseng Extract, Yerba Mate Extract, Phosphatidycholine, Kelp, Apple Cider Vinegar.

Mood Balance Blend: Phytosterols, Rhodiola Root, Theanine, Phosphatidyserine.

Water Balance Blend: Parsley, Uva Ursi, Buchu Extract, Juniper.

Amino Acid Blend: L-Lysine, L-Alanine, L-Glutamic Acid, L-Serine, L-Cysteine, L-Threonine, L-Isoleucine.

Product Features

There are times when we come across a supplement with a great foundation that ruins that foundation by adding dangerous ingredients. No matter how sound the other ingredients are, the supplement will be judged on the potential side effects. Fireball Formulated for Her is one of those supplements.

The company started off just right with caffeine, green tea and black tea. These three ingredients are stimulants, but they offer proven weight loss benefits. EGCG, present in both green and black tea, is proven to boost weight loss and metabolism. Korean ginseng is a good ingredient to naturally boost energy and kelp contains healthy nutrients.

The negative side of Fireball Formulated for Her is the Mood Balance Blend and Water Balance Blend. Mood balance is a dangerous subject to undertake in weight loss. Dieters with a history of mood problems, like depression or anxiety, should never take a supplement that claims to boost mood.

The Water Balance Blend contains diuretics. One diuretic is enough to push unhealthy amounts of water from the body, but this formula contains hour diuretics. Dehydration, muscle cramping, loss of electrolytes and death can occur when taking diuretics.

Dieters can expect to pay $34.99 for one bottle of Fireball Formulated for Her. The bottle contains 120 softgels and lasts 30 days when taken as directed. There is a good chance the caffeine amount in the supplement will cause noticeable side effects.

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  • Ingredients are listed online.
  • The supplement is affordable.
  • Caffeine and green tea are proven weight loss ingredients.


  • Could contain a large amount of stimulants.
  • No amounts listed for ingredients.
  • No testimonials.
  • No before and after photos.


Fireball Formulated for Her may be marketed to women, but none of the ingredients are specific to that group of dieters. Men could take the supplement as well as women. There is likely quite a stiff shot of stimulants, which could leave the dieter feeling nauseous and jittery. Dieters should never try a product without testimonials and a complete, unadulterated ingredient list.

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