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What You Should Know

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Fireball Liqui-Fusion from Precision Engineered claims to be the strongest thermogenic fat burner available for dieters. This typically means the ingredient list is packed with stimulants. Some dieters can take stimulants and feel increased energy. Others, especially dieters sensitive to caffeine and other stimulants need very little caffeine or other stimulant ingredients to feel the effect. Ingredients for Fireball Liqui-Fusion are listed online via vitamin retailers.

List of Ingredients

Magma Heat Blend: Caffeine, Green Tea Extract, White Willow Extract, White Quebracho, Sesame Oil, Gotu Kola Extract, Hoodia Gordonii.

Liqui-Force Blend: Xanthinol Nicotinate, Evodia Extract, Codonopsis Extract, Indian Elecampane Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Huperzine and Phosphatidylserine.

Liqui-Delivery Blend: Cayenne Pepper, Inositol Hexaphosphate, Cnidium Extract, Black Pepper Extract.


Product Features

Fireball Liqui-Fusion is a stimulant and nothing more. There is no appetite suppressant, which causes huge problems for the dieter. Stimulants increase hunger because more calories are burned and metabolism increases. Appetite suppressants help fight this hunger allowing the dieter to eat less while gaining the benefit of stimulants.

There are 195 mg of caffeine in Fireball Liqui-Fusion. This is not the most caffeine in a fat burner, but it is more than the dieter needs. Dieters who rarely drink caffeinated beverages will likely suffer from jitters and nausea. On the positive side, caffeine is proven to increase metabolism.

Green tea is another proven ingredient. Clinical studies support using between 300 and 350 mg of green tea a day for optimal effects. This supplement contains only 133 mg per serving. The dieter takes one serving twice a day; falling a bit short of the 300 mg goal.

Hoodia gordonii is supposed to suppress appetite, but clinical research proves this ingredient is ineffective. P57 is the active ingredient in hoodia. In theory, P57 will suppress appetite, but it is metabolized too fast to have any effect on the brain or hunger.

Fireball Liqui-Fusion sells for $34.99 per bottle. The price is less than comparable fat burners, but that’s because the supplement is just a hopped up caffeine pill.

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  • Costs less than other fat burners.
  • Contains caffeine and green tea.
  • Ingredients are listed online.


  • Too much caffeine.
  • No proven appetite suppressant.
  • No testimonials with before and after photos.


Fireball Liqui-Fusion is not the strongest fat burner on the market, but it is one of the stronger stimulants. There is not a proven appetite suppressant. The dieter will likely feel hungry soon after taking the supplement. The huge dose of caffeine will leave most dieters shaky and nauseous, but nausea is not a healthy substitute for appetite suppression. We suggest choosing a product with less caffeine and a proven hunger buster like chromium.

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  • 1

    I have been using this for years and it makes a hell of a difference. I went from 185 to 146 in two months. I live this stuff!!!


  • 2

    agree with side effects. A little bit nauseous and shaky, and lack of energy when training.


  • 3

    I have been using fireball liqui fusion for the past three years. My first six months of taking the fireball along with six days of exercise helped me go from 189 to 125. I am now at a healthy weight with the help of the two combinations I will be a personal trainer soon!


  • 4

    Do u eat it before or after a meal


  • 5

    I have been using fireballs for three months. I have lost 57 pounds. I eat what ever I want, just don’t over do it with large portions.Never eat late.i have nothing but great things to say bout fireballs.


  • 6

    I went from a size 44 to a size 38 in two months. It’s actually worth it, but then again I smoke cigarettes and they kinda kill my appetite; I also did cardio four times a week. I am satisfied.


  • 7

    I have lost one pant size in a week. I use fireballs combined with a HEALTHY diet and cardio. If you follow the instructions and take them with food you will not get abnormally hungry. With anything new you add to your diet there is some adjustment. I take 1 pill every 4 hours for a continius flow with a light snack or meal. The only downside: it makes your urine smell sulfur-like, but it isn’t super strong.


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