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Firm Abs Flat Stomach is a book written by Anne-Marie Millard. The book outlines the best method of slimming the abdominals in just 30 days. There is no official website for the book, but information is available from Barnes and Noble where the book sells for $12.95. Used versions are also available at a discounted price.

The abdominal muscles are small compared to larger muscle groups focused on during cardiovascular exercise. In terms of metabolism, the dieter gains very little by working the abdominals. Slimming the midsection may seem important, but a layer of fat between the muscles and skin is likely to hide any results from the exercise routines outlined in the book.

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Tips for achieving Firm Abs Flat Stomach in 30 days.

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Firm Abs Flat Stomach was published in 2004 by author Anne-Marie Millard. The book includes workouts for busy people, women who are pregnant and women who have just given birth. Workouts are progressive, starting with a beginner series and moving on to intermediate and advanced workouts. There are sections on diet, abdominal exercises, maintenance and pregnancy. The book is tailored to women.

The workouts included in the book include the entire body but there is a clear focus on the abdominal muscles. Very little information is available on the book from any trusted source online. While abdominal workouts are important, they will not help reshape the body or increase weight loss dramatically. Even the sections on post pregnancy are not going to help the dieter achieve slimmer abs unless the reader follows a prescribed diet. There is a diet section included in the book, but no information on that section is available to the dieter.

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  • The book is available for sale for a reduced price from various websites.
  • Includes workouts for the beginner, intermediate and advanced reader.
  • Includes workouts for pre and post pregnancy.
  • Diet information is available in the book.


  • Very little information is offered for the dieter thinking about purchasing Firm Abs Flat Stomach.
  • Dieters have no idea what foods are allowed on the plan.
  • Abdominals are a small muscle group with very little impact on metabolism.
  • Weight loss is crucial before slimming abs.
  • New mothers should gain approval from the obstetrician before working out.


With so little information on Firm Abs Flat Stomach, we have issues suggesting the book to dieters. The author includes all the right sections and workouts, but she does not give the reader enough information before asking them to make a purchase. Diet plan details are very important, especially for the post pregnancy workout and diet because women who choose to breastfeed will require increased calorie intake.

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