Firm Body Sculpting System Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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The Firm Body Sculpting System IN a DVD from 2002 that combines weight training and cardio fitness to help dieters lose weight or improve fitness levels. Lightweight exercises with high repetitions are used to fatigue the muscle and increase calorie burn. The DVD runs more than two hours and includes multiple workouts. A step is used during the workout, so dieters will need to purchase this equipment to utilize the Form Body Sculpting System DVD. The step is 14 inches tall, much taller than the typical aerobic step. The height could cause hip and joint problems for some dieters. Dumbbells are also used in the workout – 3 pound, 5 pound and 8 pound.

List of Ingredients

Workout DVD from the creators of The Firm Diet.

Product Features

Dieters need to start an exercise program to effectively lose weight. Some start with walking and progress to weight training and aerobic workouts. The Firm Body Sculpting System includes three workouts – Cardio Sculpt, Body Sculpt and Ab Sculpt. The workouts use dumbbells and The Fanny Lifter from The Firm. The Fanny Lifter is a 14-inch step. Other aerobic steps can be used, if stacked on top of one another, in place of The Fanny Lifter.

The workouts are challenging and may not be suitable for the novice. It may be best to start out without the dumbbells and The Fanny Lifter and slowly progress as fitness level increases. Diet suggestions are not included in The Firm Body Sculpting System. The dieter will need to address menu selection and lower calorie foods before attempting to lose weight. Workout DVDs can increase calorie burn, but they will not help the dieter lose weight if they continue to overeat.

Consumer reviews are generally good for The Firm Body Sculpting System, but there are a few complaints. The instructors break up the routine by bringing in The Fanny Lifter and moving it out of the way. There are also breaks in action to grab dumbbells and put those away again. The constant breaks cause bad workout transition. Some followers claim it is hard to break a sweat.

The Firm Body Sculpting System sells for $15 on We could not find the video set on an official website.

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  • Three workouts in one package.
  • Incorporates weight training and cardio.


  • Requires dumbbells and The Fanny Lifter.
  • Lots of breaks in the workout for equipment changes.


The Firm Body Sculpting System is not the best Firm workout available. The program tends to break a lot for equipment changes, which can cause a break in attention and a reduction in heart rate. No diet information is included with the DVD so dieters will need to research diet for weight loss.

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