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The Firm Diet was developed in 1979 in a fitness studio located in South Carolina. The Firm Diet focuses on exercise more than diet as a weight loss tool for long term weight loss results. The Firm Diet workouts combine cardiovascular exercise with light weight lifting to produce lean muscle mass. Muscle mass is known to burn calories at rest, so weight loss results are long term, even if the consumer misses a few workouts. The workouts are available on DVD for home use, and are available for purchase online.


Not applicable. The Firm Diet workouts are available on DVD, so the consumer will need a DVD player, television, and light weights.

Product Features

The Firm Diet is a fitness program that focuses on exercise more than food for weight loss. The Firm method is a combination of cardiovascular and weight training, that they call Synergy Training. The Firm Diet system has several different workouts included with a calendar showing which day of the week each workout should be done for optimal results. Beginners are encouraged to start the workouts without any weights, then incorporate the weights into the workouts. The weights recommended are 3 lbs, 5 lbs and 8 lbs in order to sculpt lean muscle mass. The consumer is encouraged to eat a healthy diet, but the diet is not specifically spelled out. To see results, the Firm Diet states that the consumer should workout at least 3 times per week. It does not specify the amount of weight to expect to lose, or how long before seeing results. However, it does state that the consumer will notice a difference in measurements in 10 workouts.

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  • The Firm Diet is targeted for long term weight loss results.
  • The Firm Diet focuses on both cardiovascular and weight training.


  • The Firm Diet does not specify nutritional requirements for weight loss.
  • The Firm Diet does not promote the use of supplements.


The Firm Diet is a weight loss program that focuses on exercise more than diet for long term weight loss results. The program does encourage a healthy diet but does not specify what should be included in the healthy diet. The workouts are available for purchase on the dedicated website. The workouts are based on Synergy Training method that was developed and used in the fitness studio with proven results since 1979. The long term weight loss results are encouraging, however, maintaining the workout schedule may be difficult for consumers with busy schedules. Also, doing the same workouts over a period of time may be boring for some consumers, making it difficult to maintain.

The Firm Diet does not promote the use of weight loss supplements, however, consumers may have faster results from incorporating a supplement into the healthy diet and exercise program. The supplement should contain both a fat burner and an appetite suppressant for maximum results. This supplement should have a dedicated website with customer testimonials and clinical trials proving the effectiveness of the product.

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