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The FIRM started in 1979 as a gym in South Carolina advocating a workout routine of both cardio exercise and weight training. They call this combination workout Synergy Training because it both burns fat and builds muscle. The system, which incorporates music into each of its workouts, became popular enough in its local area that the company start making workout videos for home use. After over three decades, the FIRM is still not only focused on helping clients achieve their optimum body but are also involved in finding ways to improve their system. The FIRM workout CDs include a five days a week schedule for workouts and music that matches the moves used. The Wave system is the FIRM’s newliest product. It is a collection of the FIRM’s workouts and personal home gym equipment designed to speed up and maximize workouts.


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Product Features

The FIRM uses weights during cardio exercise to combine the two workouts into one. They make a point of helping clients start out slowly and work slowly towards heavier weights and harder workouts. The FIRM also uses exercises that switch between the upper and lower body so that clients get a full body workout and don’t overstress any one area. The FIRM website claims that using weights with cardio exercise increases the amount of calories burned three times over. Some of the aspects of the FIRM system used to market it are that it works for every fitness level, you don’t need a lot of space or equipment to do it, you will see results after only ten workouts, each workout is shorter in length than most workouts, and the workouts themselves are fun. The FIRM products have been advertised in infomercials on TV and are sold for approximately $30 for a 30 minute workout DVD. Nearly a dozen different workout DVDs are available. The Wave is said to be a $300 value and is currently being sold for under $70.

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  • This is a workout and exercise routine so regardless of whether or not the FIRM’s specific claims are true it will improve your body’s health
  • The FIRM uses music as an integral part of their workouts
  • The system has different levels so you can have a safe, efficient workout regardless of your current fitness level


  • It was featured on an infomercial which decreased its credibility slightly
  • The DVDs are expensive for something you could probably replicate at home
  • Because the FIRM is based on increasing levels of fitness, you will need to regularly buy new DVDs and weights to continue your regimen


The FIRM would ultimately do your body good even if you didn’t see the results promised. Physical exercise is key to good health. The products and services the FIRM offers would probably be fairly easy to replicate at home with some research and a little planning. The FIRM would be a good system for someone who needs guidance to stick to their exercise routine; otherwise, you’d be better off just creating your own workouts.

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