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The Firm Wave is a fitness product from the makers of the Firm diet. The basis of the product is a wave shaped board that is used for all workouts. Included in the Firm Wave kit are workout DVDs, a poster of possible fitness workouts and a 30-day membership to the Internet club associated with the Firm Wave called the Firm Believers Club. The dieter must agree to the terms of service when accessing the 30 day free membership, but those details are not available to the customer until they join the service.

List of Ingredients

The Firm Wave board and weight loss kit.

Product Features

The Firm Wave looks like a crescent moon. According to the descriptions on the official website and photos of the Firm Wave in use, the curved step can be used as a moving stepper or a stationary stepper. The stationary stepper placement will allow the user to work with the Firm Wave in much the same way as a traditional stepper. The constant stepping motion could cause pain and joint discomfort for dieters who have pre-existing joint problems. Flip the step over and the workout intensity increases.

While the Firm Wave does offer a new approach to step training with potential for interval training, there is a learning curve that may be a problem for some users. The wave side of the curve moves with each step. This will focus the workout on the abdominals and lower body muscles because the abs are required to keep the body centered on the moving Firm Wave.

The Firm Wave retails for two payments of $29.95 plus shipping and handling. The total cost for the Firm Wave is listed as $79.85 if the program is purchased with one payment. If you are a member of the Firm Wave club, you can purchase the Firm Wave for $53.90 or a $6 savings.

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  • The Firm Wave may increase step workout intensity.
  • The product can be ordered from the official website.


  • Paying more than $70 for a step may be a bit too expensive for some dieters.
  • The testimonials on the website are for The Firm and not solely The Firm Wave.


There are a hundred and one fitness companies trying to sell dieters that next big breakthrough product. The Firm is a name many dieters will recognize, but that does not mean the Firm Wave will help a beginning diet reach weight loss goals. The step will require strong abdominal muscles to control movement and may not be suited for every dieter. There is no weight limit listed for the Firm Wave which could mean some dieters may weigh more than the Firm Wave allows.

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