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What You Should Know

Click Here To See Our Highest Rated Review began in 1992 with the introduction of Willowear Softweights. Today, the company provides a line of fitness products, including weights, resistance tubing, exercise balls, an ab bar and shoe insoles to make workouts more comfortable. There is also a page on the website devoted to nutritional products, although it doesn’t appear that those products are on the market at this time. The majority of the company focus appears to be on fitness, and tools to help exercisers make the most of their workouts.

While we agree that exercise is an essential component in a diet program, we don’t believe it is the only component. The most successful weight loss programs will incorporate exercise with a healthy, low calorie diet and an effective weight loss supplement. The program does not appear to recommend or provide information about these other two elements. However, we will take a closer look at the products available to see how they can help dieters meet their weight loss goals.


The products included on the website can be used for a number of different workout routines. Some of the weights are especially designed for walking and running, since adding weight to aerobic activity can help you burn fat and build muscle more effectively. The soft weights come in a variety of sizes, and an instructional DVD can also be purchased to teach exercisers how to use the weight effectively and safely. Exercise balls come both with and without legs, so consumers can find the tools necessary to customize a workout most closely to their needs.

Product Features

At the time of this review, prices for these products appear to range from $8 to $80, depending on the type of equipment that is desired. According to the company website, returns are only done with an authorization, and there is no information about a money back guarantee.

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  • provides a variety of exercise tools to help dieters get the most from their workouts.
  • The products are reasonably priced.


  • There is not any diet advice included on the website.
  • It does not appear to sell or recommend any sort of weight loss supplements.
  • There does not appear to be a money back guarantee on products.


While we agree that exercise is an essential component to any weight loss program, it is not the only one. We recommend that consumers look to programs that combine daily exercise with a low calorie diet and effective weight loss supplement with an appetite suppressant and fat burner for best results. Although offers a number of tools to help dieters get the most out of their workouts, without all of these elements in place, we don’t believe this website will be sufficient as a complete weight loss program.

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