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FirstFitness Review - Does This System Work? Are cost and lack of results deal breakers?

Editor's Review: 4.2 / 5.0
FirstFitness Review

I’m here to cut through the noise and get to the bottom line on FirstFitness. There’s been a lot of talk about this program, and it’s even been featured on CNN, so let’s dive in and look at the products, customer service, research, and ingredients of FirstFitness. We’ll also take a look at some actual reviews and comments from users that have tried for themselves. Then, we’ll condense it all to give you the bottom line.

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What is FirstFitness?

To start, FirstFitness offers a variety of products including those designed for fat burning, appetite suppression, meal replacement, and more. The ingredients are listed on the company’s website, and there seem to be some helpful ones. The supplements can be taken anywhere and the powders are easy to mix.

FirstFitness has been around since 1989, which is a good sign. Their products are available through individual distributors, and there are a variety of options to choose from. We like that the company has some longevity and that it includes a meal plan, but read on…

Price – “Is it Worth it?”

The first thing that stood out was the high cost of FirstFitness products. The basics are affordable, but as soon as you get into those that offer the best weight-loss results, the price skyrockets. “To get something good, expect to pay well over $150 per month,” said our Research Editor. Because this is an MLM company, costs are typically higher than what a similar product would be elsewhere, which is discouraging.

“Way too expensive for what you get, but I did like the meal plan,” said one user.

“I couldn’t afford this product if I wanted to,” said another.

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Lack of Long Term Results – “A Strong Consideration”

Something else that stood out about FirstFitness was the lack of long-term results. Unfortunately, it seems pretty common to gain all the weight back after following the meal plan and taking these supplements.

“As soon as I stopped, I quickly gained back all the weight I lost,” said one online review.

One user who was featured on CNN said that his testimonial didn’t tell the whole story: “My before and after pictures looked great, but as soon as I stopped the FirstFitness program I couldn’t get enough to eat and I gained back the 50 pounds that I had lost.”

Many reviews echoed these thoughts, with most people disappointed in the end: “I was thrilled with my initial weight-loss, but in the end I’m back where I started without losing a pound.”

Our research shows that diet programs that have aspects that are particularly troublesome (high cost, painful routines, lack of results, bad taste, etc.) are less likely to lead to sustained weight-loss. If people do often gain weight after finishing with FirstFitness, it may be difficult for dieters to reach their full potential.

The Science – “Real Research?”

The website claims that FirstFitness will help change you physically and financially, and at least one part of that is right. The high cost will leave you with a whole lot less money than when you started. Unfortunately, there’s no evidence that this product has any long term benefits to your overall physical health. In fact, most doctors agree that weight gain following a diet can take a toll on the body. Without research or studies backing their claims, we see red flags and are skeptical of the life changing transformations that are promised.

The Bottom Line – Does FirstFitness Work?

After seeing some success stories on CNN and elsewhere we were optimistic about FirstFitness. We also liked the variety of products and the included meal plan. But, without clinical studies backing up their claims or the scientific research we look for, we were left disappointed. We’re skeptical and concerned about the MLM nature of this business, high cost, and lack of long term success with these supplements.

If you’d like proven weight-loss without inevitable weight gain after you lose, we suggest a product with proven claims and long term weight-loss results.

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How Does FirstFitness Compare?

Previous FirstFitness Review (Updated July 9, 2012):

What You Should Know

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FirstFitness is a multi-level marketing company that provides various lines of nutritional products, including those designed specifically for weight loss. The company website appears to be as interested in recruiting distributors as it does in actually marketing the products. FirstFitness has been in business since 1989 and is based out of Carrollton, Texas. In addition to weight loss products, the company offers formulas for herbal care, energy and fitness and personal care.

The FirstFitness weight loss line includes a number of products, including full weight loss programs of various lengths, powder mixes, weight control bars and a weight loss supplement. While it appears that you can purchase products directly through the company website, the function did not appear to be working properly when we tried to explore it for this review. We were also unable to find other online retailers selling FirstFitness products. We were also unable to find pricing information for any of the FirstFitness line.


For the purpose of this review, we will take a look at one of the FirstFitness weight loss products; the Slim 'N Up herbal supplement. This product promises to reduce hunger and increase energy. According to the company website, the ingredients in Slim 'N Up include vitamin C, thiamin, riboflavin, vitamin B6, Magnesium and Chromium.

The formula also includes a "synergistic proprietary blend" that includes Bitter Orange Fruit Extract, L-Tyrosine, Green Tea Leaf Extract , Dandelion Root, Coffee Bean Extract, Cola Nut, Guarana Fruit Extract, Guarana Fruit Powder, 2AEP Complex, Potassium Biphosphate, Garcinia Fruit Extract, Cayenne Fruit, Ginger Root, Bladderwrack whole plant, Kelp whole plant, Chitin, Valerian Root, L-Carnitine, Alpha Ketoglutarate, Gymnema Leaf, Yohimbe Root, Jujube Seed, Blue Flag Rhizome, Bromelain, Lipase, Beta Sitosterol, Mustard Seed.

Product Features

This incredibly long ingredient list makes us wonder if any of the ingredients contained within will have much effect at all. We prefer products that contain a handful of active, effective ingredients for best results. While this FirstFitness formula contains some good substances for weight loss like green tea and chromium, we seriously doubt they will provide much benefit with so many filler ingredients to cloud the effectiveness.

According to the company website, all purchases are backed by a 100% money back guarantee.

See Our Featured


  • The product contains some good weight loss ingredients.
  • Purchases are backed by a money back guarantee.


  • We were unable to find a price on products.
  • The shopping link did not appear to be functional at the time of this review.
  • The long ingredient list may affect the effectiveness of the formula.


Weight loss supplements are plentiful today, and most can be purchased with a simple click of the mouse. When products are difficult to find and purchase, it does not make shopping for supplements very convenient. We are also concerned about the long ingredient lists that may make the FirstFitness formulas less efficient. We believe there are more effective products that are more readily available.

FirstFitness Questions & Answers:

We compressed dozens of customer comments and reviews about FirstFitness. Then we wrote this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of FirstFitness?

FirstFitness side effects may include jitteriness, anxiety, headache, abdominal discomfort, rapid heartbeat and insomnia. This is based on customer reviews.

What are the ingredients in FirstFitness?

FirstFitness ingredients are (XanoLean Supreme pills) green tea, African mango, PEA, caffeine, pomegranate, hordenine hcl, Peruvian purple corn, forskolin, fucoxanthin, synephrine and bioperine.

Does FirstFitness work?

Well, green tea and caffeine are used. These are clinically tested ingredients. These components can help with weight-loss. XanoLean Supreme pills also contain synephrine. This comes from bitter orange and it helps boost thermogenesis. However, it can also lead to unpleasant side effects in some users.

It’s wise to think about replacing FirstFitness with a safer weight-loss product. One diet supplement that contains clinically tested ingredients is Leptigen.

How much does FirstFitness cost?

There are four different FirstFitness weight-loss supplements available. These include XanoLean Supreme ($59.95), Reneu ($32.95), Body FX ($36.95) and Trimbolic ($29.95).

How should I take FirstFitness?

You should take each FirstFitness weight-loss supplement according to the directions provided. For instance, XanoLean Supreme is taken three times daily. One caplet with a glass of water, 45 minutes before meals. A bottle lasts for 30 days.

How do I contact FirstFitness Nutrition customer service?

You can get in touch with FirstFitness Nutrition by calling 1-800-621-4348. An email address is also provided, which is customerservice@firstfitness.com.

Can I take FirstFitness if I have a health condition?

Those under 18 years old should not use FirstFitness products. The same goes for women who are pregnant or nursing a child. As for people taking prescription drugs and those with health conditions, you need to speak with a doctor before using these diet products.

What do users like about FirstFitness?

Some customers like that FirstFitness supplements are all available through the website. Others appreciate that a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee is provided.

What do users not like about FirstFitness?

Some users do not like the cost of FirstFitness supplements. Also, some customers have complained about the minimal weight-loss results they see.

Are FirstFitness supplements sold in common stores?

No, it doesn’t look like these products are available in stores.

Are FirstFitness weight-loss products for women and men?

Yes, FirstFitness products are for women and men alike.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on FirstFitness?

Yes, there are some specials available on the FirstFitness website. For instance, you can purchase sets of supplements at a lower price. However, in recent months many of our readers have been enthusiastic about Leptigen’s Special Trial Offer. It is only the cost of shipping and handling. Click here to give it a go.

17 User Reviews About FirstFitness

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  • 1

    I have used First Fitness of and on since 90’s and today it is the only program that works. The secret is to always have a slim fx shake in the mornings even off the program instead of breakfast. I find that this keeps the weight from coming back fast. When I go on the 10 day, afterwards I still have a shake in the AM daily. Comments are true if you go off and start going back to your old habits, the weight will come back more pounds and fast. Remember you lose a lot fast so your body needs to know that you are serious and you need to continue to maintain your healthy eating regime. It’s like the old eating is making a bet with the new healthier eating you making a bet saying that you will going back to your old ways and that this is temporary. The body is saying ” She or he will be back, all we have to do it wait”. I counter act this conversation by taking my shake every morning along with my suppliments that help me, One day at a time. Don’t go ahead of yourself. Do your best and don’t rush. You will get there. I lost 30lbs four years ago and I have kept it off for the most part by doing this. It’s a struggle but now I’m victorious. I know what I can get away with and what I cannot.


  • 2
    Deborah Scherder

    First Fitness Nutrition products are excellent. I do not know where this nurse got her information but she is incorrect. The products do offer a customer a 30 day money back guarantee…I love them!


  • 3
    Tracy Skinner

    I have been using the Transformation Kit for six months and have successfully lost over 50 pounds and 38 inches. I’ve gone from a pants size 18 to an 8. My glucose levels have dropped very significantly and my energy level is extremely high. I love FFN products and would highly recommend them to anyone that wants to lose weight or simply live a much healthier lifestyle. I thank God daily for bringing these products into my life and the wonderful changes they have made in me.


  • 4
    Connie Thomas

    what is nutraceutical proprietary complex?


  • 5
    Sally Smith

    As a nurse, I am concerned about the safety of some of the ingredients. I also found out there is ephedra in one of the products. Guarana increases heart rate and can cause problems of its own. We use potassium biphosphate as a cleanse for colonoscopies. This list has me concerned.


    M Lynn Gibson

    Sally Smith which First Fitness product are you referring too? I looked through all the ingredients in all First Fitness Weight Loss and colon cleanse Products and found none with Ephedra or Guarana. I know about 16 years ago their was a product called Slim N Up that had Ephedra removed from the ingredients. You can’t be referring to that since it was so long ago? Or are you confused about the company and the product? As for the colonoscopy you have sever diarrhea and stomach cramps for two days and a good colon cleanse is like a broom sweep to soften and remove old fecal matter without cramps and diarrhea, which is totally different. Have you ever had a colonoscopy? Well I have and I would not wish that procedure on my worse enemy! A nurse huh? I have been using various First Fitness products for over 16 years with great results and no side effects!


    Your Name

    But it’s a long list of natural ingredients


  • 6

    I’ve been taking first fitness products since 1993, I started as a weight loss customer,ended up a distributor, because people were observing this very FATMAN disappearing… I lost 110lbs in a lil over 11 months, maintained a good extra income distributing the product, sadly had to discontinue distributing, my financial practice pick up so well since I now had the energy to progress rapidly because I started getting up riding my bike daily meeting new people traveling, I became a new person…I still take the energy products and wellness products, weight isn’t a issue anymore…just so busy, constantly reminding myself I’m almost 60 years YOUNG THANKS TO THAT LLOOONNGGG LIST OF INGREDIENTS, I remember years ago we talk about that, it’s called sinergistics, or something like that, for give me I’m NOT A HERBILOGIST OR SCIENTIST, just a happy healthy math guy! All due to faith, obedience to the true GOD & First Fitness product. Thanks to Lee causey not being a quitter when imperfection dealt him an awful blow. ETM


    Sherry Ellison Ganas

    I AGREE with etm!! I am currently using Frist Fitness Body FX Transformation Kit. Its Deliscious and VERY effective! I am AMAZED!
    ALL Those Ingredients Must Be Neccessary! I am very Satisfied. I am feeling and looking soooookl Much Better!! I made a Very Wise Decission in Choosing First Fitness! S.E.G.


  • 7

    I did this program and lost 60 pounds. My metabolism shot through he roof! My father did it too and he lost 75 pounds. we both did it staying strict on the first fitness program. With their eating program I saw results in the first 3 days. I lost a pant size in those 3 days. I have never done a program that had this effect. My fathers doctor was even shocked at the results and said all his levels were so much better. The doctor began to recommend the program to his patients..i do it every few years to give me a kick. but your review is wrong!


  • 8
    Dr. Grady Thomas

    First Fitness website has been corrupted by hackers. Some distributers websites cannot be accessed.


  • 9
    betty vann

    need to know more about this product and possibly how to become a distributor



    I can help with info, do u still want info about first fotness



    Learned about FirstFitness Nutrition when I wrote an article about it for a local women’s magazine. Decided to try it, after spending 25 years trying everything possible to lose weight. I am thrilled with the products, the company, and my own results ~ have lost almost 35 pounds and over 30 inches since December. Feel better than I have in years and now enjoy sharing this success with others. Contact me for a copy of my story and for further information.


    Janet Emerson

    Wonderful company, wonderful products. Check the BBB for ratings on this company. You will see how they have stayed in business for 26 years with an A+ rating.


  • 10
    joyce nesbit

    where and how do you purchace



    Betty Vann & Joyce Nesbit ~ do contact me about FirstFitness! This is not something you just buy online and are left on your own. I provide as much, or little, help and support as you desire ~ including my Helpful Hints for the Program ~


Have a comment or question about FirstFitness?