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Fit 365 is a company that was started by celebrity personal trainer and nutritionist Kyle Brown. Brown’s credentials and experience are impressive, with plenty of education and field work to back up his work. The company is also staffed with other certified nutritionists and personal trainers, and their brief resumes are listed on the company website. Fit 365 appears to be focused on selling meal replacement shakes and online personal training sessions.

The website for Fit 365 is professional and informative, with packages and pricing clearly listed for personal training and the shake mixes available for sale as well. Complete ingredient lists and nutritional information are prominently displayed. However, we are disappointed to find that the money back guarantee is only available on unopened containers of the products. This is further concerning since there does not appear to be a free trial offer available, meaning that consumers cannot determine whether they like the taste of the product before purchasing.


According to the Fit 365 website, the ingredients in the meal replacement shakes include FIT 365® 100% Grass Fed Native Whey Protein™, xylitol, organic cocoa, gum acacia, FIT 365® Oil Blend™ (coconut oil complex, non-gmo lecithin and borage seed Oil), organic natural flavors, colostrum, FIT 365® Gum Blend™ (guar gum and xanthan gum), luo han guo fruit extract, pink salt, silica, FIT 365 Digestive Enzyme Blend™ (amylase, lactase, neutral protease, lipase, cellulose, bromelain, papain).

Product Features

While there are plenty of ingredients in this formula that pack a mean nutritional punch, we cannot find anything that would promote weight loss. When considering a weight loss product, we encourage consumers to look for proven thermogenic ingredients like green tea and guarana, appetite suppressants like hoodia and a substance like chromium that will encourage the conversion of fat to lean muscle. Fit 365 meal shakes contain none of the above.

The main feature that stands out to us with the Fit 365 products is expense. A singe container of the meal shakes (8-15 servings) is $47.95 at the time of this review. Discounts are provided for multiple purchases, but without a money back guarantee on open containers, it is a big risk for consumers to try this product.

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  • Fit 365 is staffed by individuals experienced in the fields of fitness and nutrition.
  • Ongoing support is available through personal training sessions.


  • The shake mixes do not include a fat burner or appetite suppressant.
  • Returns are only accepted on unopened containers.
  • The products are very expensive.


Fit 365 is a company loaded with expertise and experience to help you meet your weight loss goals. Unfortunately, the price for that expertise and experience is a high one indeed. In addition, we don’t see anything in the shake mixes that would promote weight loss. We believe there are more effective, less expensive weight loss supplements available from other companies at this time.

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2 User Reviews about Fit 365

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    Why are you not making my absolute favorite Vanilla fitsmart shake any more?


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    Bob Brown

    Please reexamine formula. We have replaced xylitol with Erythritol we have added probiotics and organic fibers. Calories are at approx. 160 with 6 grams of fiber. We have a money back guarantee whether opened or unopened. Taste is still the best.