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People often say it is harder for women to lose weight than it is for men. Even amongst women, some have an easier time than others. What many women really want is a book that is written specifically for them that discusses the challenges they face and provides nutrition and exercise advice based on their physiology.Fit and Female offers women just this. The book was written by Geralyn Coopersmith, a woman dedicated to fitness for both herself, her clients, and her readers. The author is an exercise physiologist and has been working in the field of personal fitness for almost two decades. She is a popular magazine author and the fitness expert on a nationally syndicated television show.


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The author of the book has spent nearly 20 years in the field of fitness and has used her experience to write a book to help women of all shapes and sizes reach their fitness goals. The author differentiates between six body types: the ecto-apple, ecto-pear, endo-apple, endo-pear, meso-apple, and meso-pear. Each of these shapes requires a specialized diet and exercise plan. While the author does recommend aerobic exercise, strength building, and flexibility training for all body types the specifics differ by type. To accommodate busy lifestyles the author tells readers the minimum requirements as well as what an ideal plan would look like. For those who are highly motivated she also offers a more advanced workout.


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  • The book can be found online and in some local shops.
  • The book is available in digital and traditional formats.
  • The author of the book is an expert in the field of exercise and fitness.




  • Some of the illustrations are unrealistic and hard to understand.
  • Much of the information in the book seems to be aimed at those already in decent shape and may not be as useful for those who are overweight.
  • The book is written specifically for women and would be of no use to men.
  • Not enough research is provided by the author.




The premise of Fit and Female is wonderful. Women often feel they are struggling harder to lose weight and this book addresses those concerns. However, the execution of the material is lacking in many respects. The body shape classifications can be confusing and do not appear to be comprehensive enough to accommodate all women. Further, the information presented in the book is geared towards women who are slightly overweight or who are simply unhappy with their body at, or close to, their ideal weight. Those dieters looking for a more compressive diet plan for women should look elsewhere. Dieters trying to lose a significant amount of weight on this plan would likely benefit from the inclusion of a weight loss supplement. Chose a product that has been clinically proven to suppress appetite or burn fat to achieve maximum results.

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