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It is no big mystery that shedding unwanted body fat can be a real challenge. The key is to pinpoint a fat loss program or method that works. One option you have is Fit Body Bootcamp. This is quoted on the main website as an unstoppable fitness formula. Once you enter the site’s homepage, you are then supposed to log onto your city. Unlike many other weight loss programs, this system separates each US city online so that you can address the Fit Body Bootcamp locations in your area with ease.

Fit Body Bootcamp aims to encourage weight loss, make you stronger, tone your body, and improve overall health. After viewing the San Jose webpage for this program, it is clear that Justin Andrews and Chris Fernandez play a major role in the bootcamp for this city. They offer over 19 years of experience with personal training and assisting people with weight reduction. Fit Body Bootcamp incorporates both regular fitness routines and a healthy new diet plan.

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With the Fit Body Bootcamp program, you need to devote 45 minutes each day. Although machines are not involved, you get the same results as heavy cardio workouts. This is an indoor bootcamp that involves strength training, but without a traditional gym atmosphere, which is something many dieters do not care for anyway. According to the primary website, this program is not a diet. It is rather a 5×5 nutrition system that makes weight loss easy. The Fit Body Bootcamp team is there to assist you, and other participants offer support at all times. The locations and times for Fit Body Bootcamp are posted clearly via the official website. You simply need to select the right city to get started. The cost of this program is $49.25 a week. However, when you sign up, you can get the first week free. There is also a 30-day hassle-free money-back guarantee provided.

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  • Both exercise and a healthy diet are incorporated in the Fit Body Bootcamp.
  • There is a hassle-free guarantee for the first 30 days.


  • The official website drags on and on like a massive ad.
  • The cost of Fit Body Bootcamp is pretty high in comparison to many others.
  • Some dieters may not care for the lifestyle change involved with this program.
  • There are no convenient supplements involved to assist dieters.


All in all, Fit Body Bootcamp comes across as a complete weight loss program, but also one that appears gimmicky. The official website drags on and on, so you are reading and reading before you actually get to the price, which is around $50 a week. Many dieters will not be able to afford a program like this. On the positive end, it does come with a hassle-free guarantee for the first month.

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5 User Reviews about Fit Body Bootcamp

  • 1
    Joel Rodgers

    My wife went its ok a first until you figure out they do not really have any outside training certification. The one in rio rancho is the worst.


  • 2
    Mark Schmidl

    Do you think I should invest in one?


  • 3

    Fit Body Boot Camp in Rio Rancho is AWFUL in customer service. I guess they don’t care to want more business because they DO NOT return phone calls.


  • 4

    In order to put on size you’re going to have to lift weights sooner or later and no longer just rely on bodyweight exercises.

    Just as we grow stronger as peope through resistance, the body does as well and you can reach your goal.

    Coincidentally, losing unecessary body fat (particularly in men) does give the optical illusion of a more masculine frame, as it will show off much more muscle than before.

    If such isn’t your case, give your local Fit Body Boot Camp operator a call or email.


  • 5

    I know that many people come to Fit Body Bootcamp to lose weight. I would like to put on some size and get together a general fitness routine. Please let me know what you can do without lifting weights.