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What You Should Know

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Fit by Friday is a weight reduction program that was founded by Liz Neoprent, a personal trainer, weight loss/fitness expert and writer. Unlike many of the other diet programs and supplements that we’ve looked at here, Fit by Friday is not an actual product, but rather dieting and exercise information. Therefore there is no cost for this system. Currently there doesn’t appear to be any official website for Fit by Friday, nor are there customer testimonials available. This program aims to assist with weight loss, getting fit and overall health/wellness.

Fit by Friday really is all about educating yourself and beginning your own independent fitness routine. The five primary tips that pertain to the Fit by Friday diet program are 1) finding an activity that suits you, 2) learning when to exercise (cardio), 3) learn about running, 4) finding out how to get started with weight lifting/strength training and 5) finding out how to find a decent personal trainer and get the most for your money. Since there is no direct fee for the Fit by Friday program, there is no money-back guarantee. The only cost comes from the fitness equipment that the user purchases and any food in the new diet plan. There are no dietary supplements or drugs incorporated into the Fit by Friday weight loss plan. Naturally this program should not be taken literally in regards to the title “Fit by Friday.”

Product Features

Fit by Friday is basically a program that claims to aid women and men in the weight reduction quest. Although no diet drugs and supplements are involved, Fit by Friday is more about fitness and dieting advice. All of the information is free of charge, but no official website appears to be available at this time. The amount of weight individuals will lose with Fit by Friday depends upon factors such as their build, metabolism, diet and exercise schedule as well as genetics. Clinical evidence is not available for the Fit by Friday program.

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  • Potentially harmful diet drugs are not involved with the Fit by Friday system.
  • The woman that started the Fit by Friday program, Liz Neoprent, is a qualified fitness expert and personal trainer.
  • The Fit by Friday weight loss program is free and available to anyone.


  • Convenient appetite suppressants and fat burning pills are not offered with the Fit by Friday program.
  • No official website is found for Fit by Friday.
  • This weight reduction plan calls for a pretty drastic lifestyle change, which may not be very possible for some dieters.
  • The cost of fitness equipment can be quite expensive (may be necessary for Fit by Friday).
  • The Fit by Friday approach seems to rely entirely on education, which will be redundant for those who have already intensively researched different aspects of weight loss.


In general, it’s always reassuring to see a weight loss plan that encourages exercise and healthy eating. Unfortunately the Fit by Friday program is no longer offered on an official website (at least it appears this way). Regardless, this type of weight loss system will not be ideal for many individuals anyway since it does not involve the daily routine of appetite suppressants and/or simple fat burning supplements. While some dieters may approve of the Fit by Friday program, others will be turned off by the drastic lifestyle change it involves. Still, if your looking into weight loss techniques for the first time, this could be a nice way to get started.

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