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Editor's Review: 3.6 / 5.0

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The Fit Flop is a sandal that has been specifically engineered to give foot, leg and buttock muscles a workout as you walk. According to the Fit Flop website, the mid-soles of the sandals contain patented micro-wobbleboard technology places various material densities under the sole of the foot, requiring more muscle involvement to stay balanced. Wearing the shoes for a half hour while doing errands is like having an intense workout according to the company.

Fit Flops are available in both men’s and women’s styles and sizes. They are not available for purchase through the website but they appear to be readily available at several national department and shoe stores.

Product Features

There are many customer testimonials on the Fit Flop website that give support to the leg- and buttock-enhancing qualities of the shoes. Some customers also claim that Fit Flops relieve their foot and back pain but that is not the original intention of the product. Customer feedback on the internet is more mixed. Many complain of initial leg and knee pain from wearing the Fit Flop, although they may have been wearing them longer than the short bursts recommended in the beginning. There are some complaints about the strap position and that it is uncomfortable. Many seem to find the Fit Flop quite comfortable but are unsure as to whether they really sculpt the lower body muscles.

We were unable to locate any mention of a money-back guarantee. We like to see manufacturers offer such a guarantee as it not only allows the customer to purchase with confidence but it shows that the company stands behind the quality of the product. However, customers may be able to return the sandals at the retail locations they purchase them from. The Fit Flop was originally marketed in the United Kingdom but they are available in the US at the time of this review.

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  • Comfortable sandals.
  • Reasonably priced (around $40 depending on the style.)
  • May tone the leg and buttock muscles more than walking in other shoes.


  • No details of clinical testing provided.
  • Independent customer feedback is mixed.
  • Will not provide the aerobic benefits of a real workout.
  • Will not directly help with weight loss.


Most people want to get fit the easiest way possible, and what could be easier than walking around like you would normally do? The Fit Flop may have some benefits in toning lower body muscles but we would have been more impressed if the company had provided the details of the testing they alluded to. We find that most fitness consumers want to have as much information as possible when deciding on fitness apparatus. For the price, they appear to be comfortable, fashionable footwear, but users should remember to follow the guidelines of only wearing the Fit Flops for short periods of time in the beginning to avoid pain and discomfort.

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4 User Reviews about Fit Flop

  • 1
    carla tinberg

    i experienced back pain AFTER wearing fitflops boots. i do not have back issues.


  • 2
    carla tinberg

    i experienced back pain AFTER wearing fitflops for a day. i abstained for a day, and my back pain disappeared. i put them on again, kept them on for a day, and subsequently experienced back pain. i know this is not empirical evidence, but i think they caused a shift in my center of gravity or something.


  • 3
    Leslie Ryan

    I received a new pair in red-their new color. I took them on a business trip last month to NYC and got caught in the rain walking back to my hotel. The red dye bled all over my long white pants, feet and the sandels. When I wrote them I received a reply that informed me that because of the sunscreen I was wearing the black must have come off the sole which was insulting.


  • 4
    Nen Stoot

    All winter when it was cooler here in Fla., I resorted to a sock and warmer shoes. Since not wearing my fit flops since last Fall, I developed a sore hip and walking gate.
    Do you mean to tell me once you start wearing Fit Flops, you can’t stop? Nothing else
    tells me I created these pains from elsewhere. ?????