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Fit for Pregnancy is a book designed to help women achieve motherhood by naturally increasing fertility. The official website for the book includes self diagnosis and 10 point program sections. The book can be purchased through a link on the official website. While weight loss is likely a part of the program, it is not the sole intention of the book. Women are the focal point of the book so men will not find any weight loss or fertility advice in Fit for Pregnancy. Treatments detailed in the book include acupuncture, counseling, reflexology, hypnotherapy, therapeutic massage, dietary advice and Chinese herbal medicine. The book sells on for less than $5.

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Natural methods of increasing fertility.

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One common reason women have trouble getting pregnant is weight. Being overweight can cause fat to store around the ovaries leading to irregular periods and off-cycle ovulation. This means the couple is trying to get pregnant with no real means of measuring fertility. Weight loss can reduce fat stores around ovaries and restore the natural ovulation cycle.

In terms of weight loss, we are unsure if the book gives specific advice on how to eat to lose weight. Traditionally, diets to increase fertility include whole fat, this could mean the diets included in Fit for Fertility have no impact on weight loss.

Reviews on the book are fantastic. Women looking for healthy advice on how to achieve pregnancy and improve fertility find the information easy to understand and helpful, but there is no mention of weight loss associated with following the practices outlined in the book. There is also no mention of a specific diet supported by the book.

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  • The book is available online.
  • May help a woman achieve pregnancy through natural life changes.
  • There is a section on diets in the book.


  • The book is written for women who want to get pregnant.
  • No details on the diet portion of the book.
  • Chinese herbal therapy is included for fertility, not weight loss.


Women trying to get pregnant may find Fit for Pregnancy a fantastic read, but it is not written to help women lose weight or get fit. The title simply refers to the fact that the author is trying to help the reader get fit or ready for pregnancy. The target demographic is women who in their reproductive years, limiting the number of readers who would benefit from the book.

A healthy pregnancy diet often includes whole fat foods, which add more calories to the diet and may cause weight gain for some dieters. If a woman is trying to lose weight before getting pregnant, a healthy low-calorie diet and exercise program is ideal.

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