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What You Should Know

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Fit Gum was developed by former Mr. USA, Joe Antouri. The gum was developed to help Mr. Antouri’s fitness clients fight urges to eat junk food as well as being a way in order to lose weight. The manufacturers of Fit Gum claim that the product will help you fight urges for sweets as well lose weight around your midsection.

Fit Gum has been developed by a variety of health experts. They claim the gum has proven to reduce cravings and help with providing a means for weight loss. The gum incorporates several forms of Green Tea as well as a variety of other extracts.

The gum is also supposed to help with bad breath!

List of Ingredients

Fit Gum is a 100% natural formula. Fit Gum contains a variety of other natural extracts. Fit Gum contains quantities of Hoodie as well to curb hunger and the compound Synephrine to help in burning fat and increases your body’s energy storage.

Product Features

Fit Gum was developed in order to help people stifle their cravings for sweets and sugars. The manufacturers claim that the gum’s unique blend of all natural ingredients help in decreasing desires for sweets.

Because of many of the compounds in Fit Gum, the manufactures claim that it is able to help customers with weight loss. Green Tea and Hoodie are two extracts that boost the customer’s metabolism, aiding in weight loss.

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  • Fit Gum provides the user with a satisfying product what helps both with stifling cravings and aids in weight loss. The manufacturer claims that the gum will help those seeking a natural weight loss supplement.
  • Fit Gum has been used by many celebrities and has received high reviews. The manufacturer’s website has many satisfied customer’s bios reviewing the product.
  • Fit Gum was developed by a team of health experts. They claim that their product has been proven to work.


  • Fit Gum is a fairly expensive product. Currently they are offering 12 packets of gum at $24.00. This is relatively expensive for gum.
  • The manufacturer’s of Fit Gum currently are not running any type of promotional ad.
  • While the products claims to help reduce cravings may be accurate, the manufacturer’s claims of weight loss might be a little exaggerated.
  • The taste of the gum may not appeal to everyone.


Fit Gum was developed to help those who are constantly giving into temptation to resist their cravings for sweets and sugars. The manufacturer’s of Fit Gum claim that their product will help to both stifle your cravings and aid in weight loss.

While the product may help with stifling cravings, their claims of weight loss seem a bit exaggerated. The product has been well reviewed and may be a valuable aid in managing cravings.

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