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Fit in Five appears to be a video fitness program that was created by the world record sit-up holder, Mark Pfeltz. Pfeltz was entered into the Guinness Book of World Record after completing 45,005 sit-ups in 58.5 hours in 1985. After his world record, he suffered a personal crisis that resulted in significant weight gain. Today, Pfeltz is back in peak condition, and wants to help others achieve the same through five minute workouts designed to be done five days a week. This complete video was scheduled for release in 2007, although we could not find any information about the product aside from a few Internet clips. We are doubtful whether the video is even available for purchase at the time of this review.

Based on the little bit of information we could gather about the Fit in Five program, it appears to be a fly by night sort of venture that was touted at the outset but never followed up on completely. There is a free website where Pfeltz apparently put the Fit in Five program, and it can still be viewed along with some low fat meal ideas and more information about Pfeltz. However, we are seriously skeptical about the idea that five minutes of exercise each day can really make much of a difference in a weight loss program. Perhaps this is precisely why the program appears to be unavailable for purchase today.


It seems that the primary component of the Fit in Five program is exercise. Because the website also includes some recipes and meal ideas, it may offer some pointers on low fat, low calorie eating as well. However, we did not see anything in this program that recommends a weight loss supplement to be taken in combination with the diet and exercise approach. We believe that a safe, effective supplement is necessary in some cases to give dieters the necessary edge to stick with a program until completion. Supplements that contain a proven appetite suppressant and fat burner are generally the most effective.

Product Features

It appears that the Fit in Five program is free to viewers who wish to tune in on the Internet. The diet recommendations are also free, allowing browsers to try out some low fat recipes easily.

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  • The Fit in Five series appears to emphasize exercise as an important component in a weight loss program.
  • The information is free to anyone who happens upon the website.


  • The video that was created for the Fit in Five program no longer appears to be available from retailers.
  • Five minutes of exercise each day is probably not sufficient for significant weight loss results.
  • The entire project appears to have been abandoned shortly after it was launched.


There is free information available on diet and exercise to anyone who wants to search for Pfeltz’s website. However, there is probably a good reason why this program never really caught on. If one is serious about losing weight, a low calorie diet, exercise program and effective weight loss supplement is the best combination for success.

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    mark pfeltz

    Thank you for my review of Get fit in five. I became very sick due to chest pain and flue like symptoms. I continue today battling chest pain, to this day no one can figure out what is causing it. I hope to have the Get fit in five program up and running Feb 2013. Thank you gain for your review.