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“Fit Not Fat at 40 Plus” is a book written by the editors of Prevention Magazine. This book deals specifically with the weight gain that many women experience as they approach menopause, and uses five hypothetical women in the book to show solutions to the weight gain problem. The book emphasizes a program of diet and exercise to win the battle of the bulge and regain the fit bodies of our youth. We will take a closer look at the content of this book to see if it can really deliver on its promises of weight loss in the middle years of life.

“Fit Not Fat at 40 Plus” is available through a number of online retailers and through some online auction houses. Considering the fact that the book came out a number of years ago, this fact is probably not all that unusual. Consumers can also read a review of the book at the Prevention website. However, keeping in mind that the book was written by Prevention staff, it should not be surprising that the review is far from objective. Retailers like Amazon will also allow consumers to browse through some of the content in the book and read both editorial and customer reviews.


“Fit Not Fat at 40 Plus” appears to be a multi-faceted approach to losing weight and keeping it off successfully. The first part of the book discusses why weight gain happens in the middle years of life. The second section primarily deals with eating strategies that will lead to weight loss and better health. The next section deals with exercise, and provides plenty of information about different types of exercise and the benefits of each. Finally, “Fit Not Fat at 40 Plus” delves into the psychological aspects of weight loss, such as dealing with stress and staying motivated.

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While we like the information that is provided in “Fit Not Fat at 40 Plus”, we are not confident that a simple book will be enough to help women lose weight. In many cases, combining an effective weight loss supplement with diet and exercise gives dieters the needed edge to successfully reach their goals. This book does not appear to recommend any sort of supplementation.

Although the book originally retailed at $19.95, consumers can find it through many online retailers at a reduced price of $13.95 at the time of this review. In addition, there are many used copies being sold online for as little as a couple of dollars.

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  • “Fit Not Fat at 40 Plus” provides a multi-faceted approach to weight loss.
  • The book is available for a discounted price.


  • The book does not appear to recommend a weight loss supplement.
  • A book is not sufficient for motivating many dieters.
  • The book is a few years old, so it won’t provide the most up to date information.


There is nothing wrong with reading books about weight loss, but reading about it and actually doing it are often two different things. We recommend that consumers who read the book also look into a safe, effective weight loss supplement that will give them the necessary edge to stick with a weight loss program until goals are met.

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