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Fit Over 40″ is a book written by award winning personal trainer Sherri McMillan. McMillan’s philosophy appears to be that much of the aging process can be thwarted and even reversed by keeping fit well into the middle years of life. Her approach is primarily focused on exercise, although she does include a chapter on nutrition, and one on dealing with stress and the importance of sun protection as well. The book is available in paperback, and is fairly short in length – well under 200 pages. While this makes the book easy to read on the go, it may not be sufficient for those wishing to go more in depth in a fitness and weight loss program.

There is no doubt that exercise is a key component in the weight loss process. For this purpose, “Fit Over 40″ may be an excellent addition for those in the middle years who are trying to drop the extra pounds. However, we do not believe that exercise is the only element in a successful weight loss program. A low calorie diet and an effective weight loss supplement are also very important in helping dieters achieve their weight loss goals. In addition, we aren’t sold on the idea of a book as a sufficient motivator to help people stick with a weight loss program. Additional support in the form of forums can also prove helpful. A supplement that includes a proven appetite suppressant and fat burner can also help dieters over the more challenging hurdles they may face.


Fit Over 40″ begins with the bad news – the many body changes that people have to look forward to when they reach the middle years of life. This section also delves into mental changes that take place, including memory fluctuations and sleep disturbances. While it may be disheartening to read about the many ways your body can shift during that phase of life, the good news is that you have some control over how the changes occur. The second half of the book goes into ways to keep much of the aging process at bay – through exercise, diet and stress management.

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The book is available through online retailers, and can be purchased for a discounted price. At the time of this review, we found the book available through some websites for $14.35.

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  • Fit Over 40″ helps people deal with mid-life changes.
  • The book is written by a fitness expert.


  • The book does not specifically address the issue of weight loss.
  • There is little mention of nutrition and no mention of supplements that we could find.
  • Books are rarely sufficient motivation when sticking with a weight loss program.


We would recommend this book to anyone in this phase of life looking to achieve improved fitness. However, a committed weight loss program will undoubtedly require more than simple text and information. We find that the most successful weight loss programs will combine diet and exercise with an effective supplement for the best results. So read the book, but make sure you are prepared with a complete diet and proven weight loss supplement if you are serious about dropping the pounds.

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