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Fit Yummy Mummy is a downloadable e-book that is designed just for moms who are too busy to take off the extra baby weight. The program is a multi-faceted one that includes information about exercise, foods and meal planning and supplements. The current collection of material also includes a program for getting organized, style and cellulite treatment. It does appear as though they have thrown just about everything but the kitchen sink into this package, but we will take a closer look at the core Fit Yummy Mummy program to see if it can deliver serious weight loss results.

The website marketing this product reminds us very much of an infomercial that makes many grand promises and shows a host of others who have enjoyed big success with the program. While we like the idea of customer testimonials and before and after photos with any type of diet product, in this case, the hyped up stories seem much more focused on outward appearance than on inner health. The program promises big results with minimal time spent working out – our first red flag that this program may not be able to deliver on its promises. In fact, Fit Yummy Mummy states that you can get your “pre-pregnancy” body back in under 90 minutes a week!


The Fit Yummy Mummy program offers to help moms drop the extra weight with a complete lifestyle system that can be accomplished in less than 90 minutes a week. The program includes nutritional tips and plenty of workout ideas, but doesn’t make recommendations about weight loss supplements. In fact, the program promises to help you drop the pounds without any sort of “hyped up” diet product. While we agree that diet and exercise should be the core of any effective weight loss program, we recognize that many dieters can achieve their goals much more effectively with the use of a weight loss supplement that contains a proven appetite suppressant and fat burner.

Product Features

According to the company website, the price of the basic Fit Yummy Mummy package is about $40 at the time of this review. There is also a deluxe pack that includes a number of audio programs on nutrition, fitness and time management. This set currently sells for close to $150. The website does state that there is a 100%, unconditional money back guarantee on all purchases.

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  • This program is specifically designed for busy mothers.
  • The program offers a money back guarantee.


  • The website makes big weight loss promises without a lot of time or effort.
  • The website is set up like an infomercial.
  • The products are rather expensive.


There is no doubt that weight loss can be a challenging prospect for busy moms. However, that is why we recommend a safe and effective weight loss supplement that will give dieters the necessary edge to reach weight loss goals. When a proven supplement is combined with a sensible, low calorie diet and daily exercise, hyped up programs like Fit Yummy Mummy will not be necessary.

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