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Fit-Zone is a website created by David Grisaffi, a Corrective Exercise Kinesiologist and personal trainer in the Washington area. The website appears to be littered with non-working links and very little information, but one working link took us to pages with a bit of information about nutrition, exercise, and Grisaffi’s program. The main element in this program appears to be tied to a book by Don Lemmon titled, “Don Lemmon’s Know How: The Truth about Exercise and Nutrition.” The program also provided a direct connection to Lemmon for counseling and questions.

The Fit-Zone website reads very much like an infomercial, which doesn’t do much to inspire our confidence in the product. Consumers interested in Grisaffi’s Fit-Zone program will have to carefully read a lot of fine print to understand what each type of program includes and what the cost will be. In addition to the basic programs, Fit-Zone appears to offer a wide variety of fitness products including nutritional software, exercise videos, and menu and exercise logs. Some of these products are included free of charge with membership into certain program options, making it confusing to shop for specific packages.


The Know How 30-Day Program includes 30 days of counseling, a monthly newsletter, a bottle of supplements (not specified), lemon oil, the Know How book and nutrition software. The 60-day program provides two months of counseling, a double supply of supplements (not specified), lemon oil, the book, software and an exercise video. The 90-day program contains everything in the 30 and 60-day programs plus a 13-week menu and exercise log.

Product Features

The Fit-Zone packages range from $60 for the 30-day program to $150 for the 90-day program. We are highly skeptical of the products included in these packages, since few specifics are provided about the items. We are also leery of the setup of the website, since it touts many benefits of these programs without offering information about precisely how the products included might work. This type of marketing approach often suggests a product that is less than stellar, with little hope of a money back guarantee if satisfaction is not met.

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  • The website promotes exercise and healthy eating.
  • Supplementation is included.


  • Terms of the programs are unclear.
  • Products are not accurately described on the website.
  • Ingredients are not listed for supplements.
  • The programs seem to be expensive.


The Internet has allowed many fitness experts and personal trainers to post their knowledge and experience for the world to see. While the free information can be helpful to dieters, the easy access can also present opportunities for less than reputable businesses. Fit-Zone is unclear about the products they offer and the packages they provide. With lack of good information and clear terms, we would suggest that consumers look elsewhere for their fitness and weight loss needs.

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2 User Reviews about Fit Zone

  • 1
    denise bruns

    I paid karen kraut 100.00 dollars on 8/5/10 towards 1 year membership.
    She promised personal trainer,24 hour access and the facility in Wyoming Michigan @ 6am.
    Two weeks after I joined I went to the facility at 6;30 am it was closed. I went to the facility @ 8pm it was closed. I went to the facility on saturdays @ 8 am the facility was closed. My final attempt was on saturday afternoon @ 4pm it was closed.

    This occurred for 2 1/2 weeks.
    I personally contacted karen who has made promised to refund my deposit since 10/10.
    The final promise was I would receive a call on 1/25/11 to pick up my refund.
    Karen never called I haven’t received my refund.
    Please contact me in regards to this matter.
    Karen is gives fit zone a bad reputation. I would like my refund. D

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    Grand Rapids, MI


  • 2
    Deborah Clemons

    This ia a bad company to get involved in they will not give a refund on anything you order from them they give you the run around my response from them is my bank refused to put my money back in the bank haha