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Fitbug is an “online personal health and well-being coach”, according to the company website. This program promises to help users get in shape or drop extra pounds. The key is a clip-on pedometer designed to track the number of steps you walk and the calories you burn. When the information from this device is sent to the managers of the program, they can then set your short term fitness plan and nutrition program based on where you are currently at.

The Fitbug program can either be purchased on a one year plan or a pay-as-you go. The membership program includes the Fitbug device and weekly pages and progress reports designed to keep you motivated and track your progress. The website provides ample information about the program, including customer testimonials touting the praises of Fitbug. While this is a positive sign, we will have to look further at the program to see if it really can deliver all that it promises.

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When evaluating the Fitbug system, it is first important to ascertain whether a pedometer is the best tool possible for reaching weight loss goals. While a pedometer may be very helpful in tracking progress in a walking program, it will only measure the number of steps taken and the calories burned. It cannot evaluate this information completely accurately, since speed is another indication of the effectiveness of aerobic activity. It is also important to note that exercise is just one essential component to a complete weight loss program. When consumers decide to lose weight, the best process is usually a combination of exercise, a low calorie diet and an effective weight loss supplement. If consumers find a supplement with a proven fat burner, they may actually be able to burn calories and fat more efficiently than a pedometer would indicate. In addition, an appetite suppressant can help control cravings and portion sizes – something the Fitbug is simply not equipped to do.

At the time of this review, a one year membership to the Fitbug program costs about $140. This includes the Fitbug device and the monthly progress reports. If consumers prefer, they can put $90 down on the plan and then pay $8 a month to keep the program going. Either way, this is a rather expensive way to obtain a pedometer and track the results it provides.

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  • Fitbug offers a device to track progress and maintain motivation.
  • The program is customized to your unique needs and activity level.


  • Fitbug does not appear to include recommendation for a weight loss supplement.
  • The pedometer will not necessarily give an accurate assessment of calories burned.
  • The program is expensive.


We agree that regular tracking of progress and setting goals will assist with motivation in any weight loss plan. However, that is often only half the battle. To control cravings and boost the metabolism, many find that a proven weight loss supplement does the trick. Without such a product in the Fitbug program, we are unconvinced that the program can provide sufficient weight loss success.

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7 User Reviews about Fitbug

  • 1

    I phoned Fitbug today and spoke to a certain “Danny” who was unhelpful! First of all, I could hardly hear him and he was obviously not prepared to try to make himself more audible. Then, he was reluctant to explain to me just how the various packages work. I can’t understand. His mind was obviously on he holidays! Come on, service your potential clients properly. Otherwise, stay at home.


  • 2

    Is the fitbug waterproof?



    Their share price certainly isn’t.


  • 3
    Diana Dritter

    Ive been a Fitbug member for over a year now and for me its been a life saver. I now walk loads and eat far better than I used to, mainly due to the fact that I can now ‘see’ the impact of what I do and stay motivated thanks to Fitbug. I can highly recommend it. Great tool.


  • 4

    USA site is broken. No member login due to database “fatal errors”, and I can’t even log in to the trouble ticket portal to check on my (many) requests for information. Promised member forums have never worked, again due to database errors.

    Worse, you can’t get ahold of anyone to report the issue.

    The bug is great–but without the site, you can’t track nutrition, goals or USE the silly thing.

    Save your money. Freebie pedometers do the same thing without the expense and frustration.


    Diana Dritter

    I dont know where youve gone wrong here – I find the service great.


  • 5
    Jimmy Davis

    Can’t remember my username and password when I activated my fitbug. nNeed to upload my info. Please help.