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Have you ever wanted a workout program that was different every day of the week? FitDeck gives exercises selection up to chance with playing cards as the instructor. Each of the cards in the FitDeck describes a different exercise. There are many FitDeck varieties to choose from. Some are sport specific like basketball decks and swimming decks. Others are dedicated to a specific style of workout like yoga, Pilates or prenatal. FitDeck cards can be customized with unique exercises for orders of 5,000 units or more.

List of Ingredients

Cards with exercise descriptions.

Product Features

The basic instructions for using FitDeck cards involves warming up and stretching before shuffling cards and drawing the first exercise. Complete the exercise on the card repeatedly for one minute then draw another card. Pull as many cards as desired for a complete workout. For instance, if the user wants to workout for 30 minutes, they would pull 30 cards. Complete the workout with a cool down and a second stretch.

Each FitDeck retails for $15 from the official website. Descriptions and examples of each deck are available on the official website. The decks are focused on a specific type of exercise so the user may need more than one FitDeck to vary upper and lower body. The cards have pictures showing each move and a detailed written description on how to perform the movement. The product description also includes fitness levels and targeted age groups for each FitDeck.

Some of the FitDeck cards are tailored for strength and muscle growth while others are dedicated to cardio fitness.

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  • FitDecks are available for purchase from the official website.
  • Brings fun to each workout.
  • Allows the user to create a new workout every time.
  • Strength and cardio cards are available



  • The price is a bit high for such a specific workout.
  • The user may have to purchase multiple decks.
  • Some workouts are too hard for beginners.


FitDeck is an interesting answer to the ever present problem of fitness boredom. The deck of cards can be shuffled and workouts changed as desired. If a user does not like the card he or she has drawn they can choose a different card. The price is a bit steep because the workouts are centered on a specific style or situation. The Pilates FitDeck, for instance, would be ideal for two days a week, but the user would need a different deck to change up the routine on off Pilates days. There are no FitDecks for nutrition or dieting at this time so the dieter using FitDeck for weight loss would have to secure a reduced calorie diet in addition to using the cards to workout.

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