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Fitflop, just as the name suggests, is a shoe that helps with weight loss and toning of the buttocks, calves, and thighs. The product was designed by a group of biomechanical engineers from the UK. By wearing these shoes, the manufacturers claim that you will be able to strengthen and tone your body in your routine, mundane acts of the day.

Fitflop incorporates technology that helps improve posture as well as taking pressure off your feet and heel. Continuous pressure over a long period of time can cause stress and built up pressure, even leading to injuries.

Fitflop allows you to burn calories and tone muscle while doing your every day tasks.

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Product Features

Fitflop is designed to provide better stability when walking. This eliminates stress to the foot and calf. Fitflop also helps to stabilize posture, which is one reason many people face discomfort in their legs and lower back.

The manufacturer’s of Fitflop also claim that their product can help with lower back pain. Because the shoes provide good support, they are able to help alleviate lower back pain. This is because they help with people’s posture.

Fitflop shoes are designed in a variety of different styles for both men and women. They also design both open- and closed-toed shoes.

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  • Fitflop manufactures shoes for both men and women. They also manufacture a number of different designs and styles.
  • Fitflops are comfortable to wear. They are also stylish and can be worn with a number of styles.
  • They help you burn calories while walking. This is an effect way to lose weight while doing your mundane activities of the day.


  • Fitflops must be worn gradually. Wearing them too much at once can cause problems and muscle soreness.
  • Depending of the arch of your foot, Fitflops might not be for everyone and can cause serious problems.
  • Fitflops are not to be used as a replacement for exercise and dieting. In order to really seeing real weight loss results, exercise and dieting should be use.
  • Fitflop’s claims of muscle toning might be a bit exaggerated.


The manufacturers of Fitflop claim that their product will tone muscle and help loss weight. Fitflop’s can also help with chronic back problems, by providing better posture and support for the lower back.

Fitflop is not to be a replacement for exercising and dieting. While the shoes may be able to help in some muscle toning, their products claims of weight loss may be exaggerated. The shoes should not be used in replacement of exercising and dieting. Also, they should be worn gradually, as they can cause muscle soreness.

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  • 1
    Louise W

    Fitflops were recommended by a friend. I bought the slider type and found them to be really comfortable for indoor wear ( I always wear sandals with an ankle strap for outdoor wear.) especially since I suffer from Morton’s Neuroma. However I discovered that they are potentially dangerous for me. I usually walk around quite fast. I have granite porcelain floors and for some unknown reason when I turn, it’s as if the fitflop remains in place and I almost fall. On a couple of occasions I went flying and hurt my arm badly as I fell against a door frame. It’s a miracle I caught it before falling on the floor. This has only ever happened with Fitflops not with any of the other dozens of sandals and shoes. I don’t know what to do. I love the way they feel on my feet but I am afraid to wear them. I wanted to know if there is a solution to my problem especially as they were quite expensive. I checked the difference with my Naot sandals. They turn when I do, whereas the Fitflops feel as if they are stuck in place.


  • 2
    Pat Waistnidge

    Severe buttock pain after stopping wearing Fitflops. worn them for about 4 years for work continually. Could stopping altogether cause the pain.


  • 3
    Mary Stephenson

    I suffer from worn discs in lower back. Wearing fitflops
    seems to be causing serious knee and leg pain.Should I continue?


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