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FitLinxx is a company that provides fitness tracking tools and software to YMCAs and a few other fitness centers around the country. You can use this software to track your fitness goals no matter where you are, and the information from one facility can go with you to another, as you will have your own FitLinxx ID to use when you go from machine to machine.

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FitLinxx offers fitnesss tracking software on many of the different types of equipment. You can find it on bikes, stair climbers, treadmills, and more. You have an ID you can use and take with you from machine to machine to track your progress for the total of your workout, rather than just the time you spend on the one machine. You can track progress from visit to visit as well, so you can see where you started and where you are now as you lose weight.

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  • FitLinxx is free to users, because the fitness club pays for the subscription. If you are a member of a facility that uses FitLinxx, you can use it at no additional cost.
  • This can help you track your fitness success.


  • FitLinxx tools are expensive for the individual, as a subscription is required. The best way to experience them is in a gym setting.
  • Not all gyms will use the FitLinxx tools, so if you do not live in an area they are serving, you will not be able to benefit from them. Right now, YMCAs use this system.
  • There is no dietary advice to support these products, as they are all about exercise.
  • The cost of a gym membership can be too expensive for some.


FitLinxx offers effective fitness tracking tools for people who are engaged in activity with a gym that has the system. Other than this, there is a very alienated segment of the target audience that will not be able to experience this in their homes, or in their local gyms. Without dietary guidelines, or at the very least, some advice on what to eat, many people may find that they struggle to reach their weight loss goals, because exercise is only half of the battle. This is a good concept for people who can use it, such as existing YMCA members, but for everyone else, it certainly lacks. We recommend using a nutritionally balanced diet, with a slight calorie reduction and regular exercise in the form of both cardio and strength training to help combat against lose skin. If you need more support, you can try adding a clinically proven safe and effective appetite suppressant and/or fat burner to your daily routine because this can help you lose more weight than diet and exercise alone.

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