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Editor's Review: 2.6 / 5.0

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FitMD may be a bit misleading to some, since we could not find any information about a doctor starting the program or working with the program at this time. The online weight loss support system promises to help members lose weight and achieve a higher level of health with information about diet, exercise and online support from other dieters. The first page of the website suggests that you can choose what you will eat, how much you will exercise and then you can simply watch the pounds melt away. While we are high skeptical of such a statement (indeed, we will try to hide our snickers), we will take a closer look at the FitMD program.

FitMD is set up a bit like an infomercial, with flash web pages making big promises but providing very little solid information. The facts about calories found in food and calories burned during exercise can also be found on any number of free websites, leading us to wonder why one would need to pay a rather high monthly fee to remain in the FitMD system. The online support is a nice touch, but the only people available for chatting are other dieters. There does not appear to be any experts available for questions.

Product Features

While the information provided on the FitMD website is slim, we believe the program consists of educating consumers to make better food choices and make the most of exercise possibilities. Apparently, the program will provide members with nutritional and caloric information on a long list of foods, including many favorite restaurant menu choices. We like the fact that consumers using this program can eat out with confidence while maintaining their weight loss goals. The website also provides a long list of activities and the number of calories burned with each one. This gives the impression that dieters can lose pounds simply by cleaning house or working in the garden. While these activities are good, we prefer a specific fitness program that incorporates strength training, aerobic activity and flexibility exercises for best results. In addition, FitMD does not appear to offer or recommend any sort of weight loss supplement. We believe that a safe and effective supplement often gives dieters the edge they need to reach weight loss goals through appetite control and fat burning.

The FitMD program costs about $40 a month at the time of this review. Customers can try out the program for a single day for $6. We aren’t sure what a day of FitMD can do for weight loss, but apparently one must spend $6 to be privy to all of the elements included in the FitMD package.

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  • The plan emphasizes diet and exercise.
  • The program claims it will customize for each individual.


  • Experienced professionals in weight loss don’t seem to be working with the system.
  • The program is rather expensive.
  • Little information is provided until one signs up for the program.


FitMD doesn’t appear to have enough “beef” to really help people lose weight. We believe programs that combine diet, exercise and an effective weight loss supplement are usually the best way to go.

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