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Fitness Enterprise is a company that specializes in manufacturing weight loss supplements. The company specifically targets athletes and health enthusiasts. Since Fitness Enterprise’s start in manufacturing weight loss supplements, they have strived to manufacture products that are both helpful in producing results as well as to fulfill customer expectations.

Fitness Enterprise strives to use the best, natural products available on the market when manufacturing their weight loss supplements. Their motto is that in order to receive maximum results, top quality products must be used.

Fitness Enterprise claims that their formulas are backed by science. They have manufactured many different dieting formulas, all with success on the market.

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Product Features

Fitness Enterprise has many dietary, weight loss supplements currently on the market. One of their more successful products is Fitness Enterprise’s Testosterone and Strength Boosters. They have two main subsidiary products under this: Humanofort and Tribestan. These products all strive to increase over all bodily health by cleansing the bodily systems. The products seek to boost metabolism, which helps in rapid weight loss.

Another popular supplement manufactured by Fitness Enterprise is Energy X. This has become a very popular energy boosting supplement on the market. The manufacturer’s claim that it helps increase energy without the crash afterwards.

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  • Fitness Enterprise is currently running many promotional ads on their website. They are offering the supplements at a reduced price.
  • Fitness Enterprise takes specific measures to make their customers fully aware of all ingredients used in their dietary, weight loss ads.
  • Fitness Enterprise claims that their products are backed by science.


  • Fitness Enterprise’s products fail to have gone through clinical tests and are not approved by the FDA.
  • Their official website does not seem to be in working order.
  • They do not provide before and after pictures nor do they have customer bios of satisfied customers.
  • Their claims of rapid weight loss may be over exaggerated. The lack of satisfied customer bios leads to the assumption that their products may not fulfill all the companies claims.


Fitness Enterprise targets athletes and fitness enthusiasts to provide them with the best weight loss and health supplements on the market. They seek to use all 100% natural ingredients in order to manufacture the best and healthiest supplements. Fitness Enterprise also prides themselves on great customer satisfaction and manufacturing weight loss and health supplements that are tailored specifically to customer’s needs.

While Fitness Enterprise claims both 100% natural ingredients and that their formulas are backed by science, their claims of weight loss may be a bit exaggerated. Also, the lack of a working website might lead customers to think that they are no longer in business.

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