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Editor's Review: 2.7 / 5.0

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“Fitness for Dummies” is yet another title in this how-to series, explaining the “why’s” and “how’s” of a fitness program in the easy to read style that typifies this series. This particular book is written by two self-proclaimed fitness junkies; Suzanne Schlosberg and Liz Neporent. Both women have been regular contributors to Shape Magazine and Neporent is a veteran personal trainer. The book goes into great detail about why we need regular exercise and how to get started on an effective fitness program. The book even delves into subjects like how to choose home exercise equipment or find the perfect gym membership.

The book is available from a number of online retailers, and can be found for a discounted price. The original “Fitness for Dummies” appeared on store shelves in 1996, but the book was updated in 2005. The recent edition includes updated information like newly discovered benefits of exercise and ways to use the Internet to make the most of your workouts. While we appreciate that the book deals with an element of weight loss that many dieters may struggle with, we don’t believe that this book alone will be sufficient in helping many meet their weight loss goals.

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The book is nearly 400 pages long, laid out in 27 chapters. We appreciate that this series has a wonderful knack for breaking down complex information into simple, easy to read material, with chapters that you can refer to on their own or as a part of the entire read. We also found reviews singing the praises of “Fitness for Dummies”, in terms of both its informational and entertainment value. However, we found other reviews that would have preferred to see more time given to nutritional topics and less on expensive exercise equipment.

“Fitness for Dummies” is available for a reasonable price from a number of retailers. At the time of this review, we found new copies of the book for around $15. Used copies were also available, and sold for much less.

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  • “Fitness for Dummies” offers plenty of information about beginning and maintaining a fitness program.
  • This book may appeal to those who have a difficult time getting started with an effective exercise regimen.


  • Exercise alone is usually not sufficient for successful weight loss.
  • Books don’t always provide ample motivation to help dieters stick with a weight loss program.
  • Little information is provided on nutrition or weight loss supplements.


Many interested in weight loss may benefit from a book like “Fitness for Dummies”. However, this information is probably not going to be sufficient in helping dieters achieve their weight loss goals. We have found that a combination of a sensible diet, daily exercise and an effective weight loss supplement will be the ticket to dropping pounds safely and efficiently.

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