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Fitness Made Simple is a weight loss and fitness program designed by self-proclaimed fitness expert John Basedow. However, in lieu of providing consumers with information about Basedow’s experience and training, the website is littered with pictures of Basedow posing with his “fans” and a shirtless Basedow showing off his famous six-pack abs. Instead of listing his credentials, Basedow chooses to list his public appearances. This hardly seems to be the resume that will impress savvy consumers interested in real weight loss results and solid information on how to reach their goals.

Fitness Made Simple is comprised of a number of fitness products that primarily focus on workout DVDs and fitness supplements. Basedow also has a book on the market at the time of this review. There is an auto ship program that allows consumers to save $5 on each DVD if they sign up to have a new one shipped every month. The auto ship program is also available on the fitness supplements, some of which Basedow claims to use himself. We will take a closer look at some of these supplements to see if they can provide any benefit for weight loss.

Product Features

The fitness supplements featured on the Fitness Made Simple website include one specifically designed to improve the abdominal region, an anti-aging serum, low-carb diet bars and a fat burning supplement. While some of these supplements disclose a handful of the active ingredients found within, none of the formulas are listed in their entirety on the website. This is a serious concern to us, since it is impossible to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of a weight loss supplement without this information. Considering that the cost of the supplements is on the high side and there does not appear to be a money back guarantee on the products, we are very hesitant to recommend these products at all.

The products can all be purchased from the Fitness Made Simple website, with supplements costing about $35 to $60 for 60 capsules at the time of this review. Since dosing instructions are not included on the website, it is impossible for us to ascertain whether this price is for a monthly supply, but the cost does seem exceptionally high for a simple fat burning formula.

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  • The Fitness Made Simple program emphasizes exercise as a tool for weight loss.
  • The workout DVDs allow consumers to exercise from the comfort of home.


  • Basedow does not appear to have any true credentials as a fitness expert.
  • The program does not offer complete information about supplements.
  • The products are expensive.


There are many good weight loss products on the market today and others that are sold through hype and celebrity references. We fear that Basedow’s Fitness Made Simple falls into the latter category. We encourage consumers to look for products that list a complete list of their effective ingredients and offer a money back guarantee that allows savvy shoppers to make educated decisions about their weight loss needs.

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