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Fitness Magazine is a fitness and diet magazine geared towards women who want to lose weight. Their monthly magazine includes the latest findings on diet trends, studies, and picture-by-picture information about how to perform certain exercises. Additionally, success stories of dieters who have lost excessive amounts of weight due to following these trends are also included in their magazine. Fitness Magazine also has a website, numerous contests, and their own online store at their website where dieters can gather together and discuss the latest finds on their forums. Fitness Magazine is considered one of the leading fitness and diet magazines, rivaled only by Shape and Self. All of these magazines can be purchased in retail or grocery stores for under $5.00, and a subscription to their service costs roughly around $17.00 per year. Fitness Magazines often recommends dieters subscribe to their service to save additional money.

With a plethora of tips, fitness information, and success stories available for dieters in a handy magazine, dieters may be dependent on it — and its success — to help them with their weight loss goals. Likewise, Fitness Magazine wants to assure dieters they are interested in improving their fitness and weight levels, but some criticize the magazine for sticking more to trends than to sound advice, and promoting unhealthy body images throughout their magazine.

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Fitness Magazine contains various features in each monthly issue including the latest trends in diet and fitness, success stories, low calorie recipes, examples about how to do certain exercises, and information about the latest fitness accessories. Fitness Magazine tends to focus on trends rather than diets and exercises that have been proven to work which may confuse dieters seeking solid, age old advice. Not all diet and weight loss trends work, it should be noted, but Fitness Magazine focuses on trends nevertheless. It may serve as an important aid for finding about the latest weight loss trends, however, and the convenience of purchase in any local grocery store is a plus.

One concern dieters and experts bring up is the models used throughout Fitness Magazine to demonstrate exercises and show off the latest accessories. They state the models are often too skinny (some described at near anorexic weights) and do not represent the average woman who reads Fitness Magazine. This conflicts with the healthy message Fitness Magazine tries to portray throughout their magazine. This may be triggering for those suffering from an eating disorder or those with poor body image. Fitness Magazine fails to address these issues and may detract dieters seeking positive body imagery in the sources they seek.

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  • Is a convenient way to retrieve dietary and fitness information.
  • Contains information about the latest fitness and diet trends.


  • May contain unrealistic imagery of female body types.
  • Does not contain information about proven, effective diets and fitness regimens.
  • Does not offer weight loss support — it only offers diet and fitness information.


Fitness Magazine is one of the leading diet magazines in the United States, which is complimented by its large fan base and a large online community. It only appears to contain information about trends, not proven advice, and dieters are advised to seek the counsel of a physician before beginning any regimen listed in their magazine.

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