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The Fitness Model Program is a program designed to help people look like a fitness model without being one. Developed by Jennifer Nicole Lee, Ms. Bikini America and Ms. Bikini Universe, the program utilizes food plans, exercise routines, and beauty secrets to help women (and men) lose weight and regain the body they’ve always dreamed of.

List Of Ingredients

Not applicable. The Fitness Model Program relies on meal plans and exercise routines to achieve weight loss results.

Product Features

The Fitness Model Program, aka How to Look Like a Fitness Model without Being One, is a diet and fitness regimen that aims to get you the supermodel body we are secretly wish we had. Though little information is available about the product without actually purchasing it. It claims you can get the body you’re dying for with four short workouts a week, instead of having to slave for hours in the gym. Though primarily targeted toward women who have baby weight to lose, the diet can be applied to men as well. The creator of the diet was once over 200 pounds and has two children. She has been featured on the Oprah show, along with her program.

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  • This program advocates a healthy diet and exercise program.


  • The program requires a long term lifestyle change that many people may not be able to commit to.
  • The main website reads more like a sales page instead of an informational website.
  • The program is expensive at $129.00, but it is instantly delivered and comes with bonuses.
  • This is a Clickbank product anyone can promote and earn money with.
  • This claims to be scientifically proven, yet we cannot locate any proof of said claims.
  • There is little information available on the product from its website.


Though many people speak highly of the program, we doubt it’s ability to help. Since it can be promoted by anyone who wants to earn some affiliate income, it stands to reason no one would have anything bad to say about it. The fact of the matter is, we don’t know enough about the program to tell you what, if any, real benefit it may have. It’s an expensive investment to make on a whim. While we like that it recommends better eating and following a regular exercise program, without any details of the meal plans, workouts, and other information, we can’t make a good judgement. It is much cheaper (and likely just as if not more so effective) to choose a diet supplement that contains a proven fat burner or appetite suppressant and take it regularly with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

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