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Editor's Review: 2.6 / 5.0

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Fitness Online appears to be a portal to information provided by a number of health publications. This website is a member of the American Media Inc. Fitness and Health Network, which also offers publications like Shape, Natural Health and Fit Pregnancy. The website is committed to helping readers achieve better health through education on exercise, nutrition and weight loss. Articles are well researched and written for national publications, although we found that many of the links to articles did not work. This concerns us, as it indicates that Fitness Online may not be well maintained and information may not be the most up to date. However, we will take a closer look at the information that is included to see if it might help people reach their weight loss goals.

The website is easy to navigate and fun to peruse. There are many special features included, like calculators, newsletters and videos. There is also the opportunity to subscribe to any of the member publications that might look enticing. While we like the setup and information on Fitness Online, we do have serious doubts about just how effective a website might be in a weight loss program. We encourage consumers to educate themselves about the weight loss process, but successful programs will go beyond articles to a committed exercise regimen, low calorie diet and effective weight loss supplement for best results.

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Because Fitness Online is created to be more like a print publication, readers will find articles outside of the weight loss realm, such as celebrity gossip and relationship articles. While the information provided on this website might provide a good read, it is hardly the stuff that a true, comprehensive weight loss program is made of.

The best thing about Fitness Online is that it is free. Consumers don’t have to head to the newsstand to pick up the latest fitness information; they can simply click on this website and read and study to their heart’s content.

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  • Fitness Online provides plenty of current information in the world of fitness and weight loss.
  • The website if free for browsing.


  • Some of the links to articles are no longer functioning.
  • The website is not specifically geared to weight loss.
  • Information is somewhat limited.


If you are about to embark on your first workout program, by all means, read some of the current articles on Fitness Online. You will find some valuable information on getting fit and enjoying a healthier lifestyle. However, if serious weight loss is your goal, we fear this website will not provide sufficient information to help you construct an effective program. Adding daily exercise, a low calorie diet and a proven weight loss supplement will surely be your best formula for success.

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