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Fitness Quest is a company that has marketed a number of different types of exercise equipment through infomercials. The Fitness Quest Easy Shaper is another one of these items, specifically designed to shape and tone a woman’s body. According to the company website, this device provides eleven quick and easy exercises to effectively shape and tone the hips, buttocks, thighs and abs. It also claims to work your arms and back. The Fitness Quest Easy Shaper is supposed to be easy to use and its compact size makes it easy to store anywhere in your home.

We believe that exercise is an important component in an effective exercise program. However, the most effective program will combine aerobic activity with strength training and flexibility for best results. While this machine may tone and tighten with resistance training, it certainly was not designed for calorie and fat burning. In addition, we believe that the most successful weight loss programs will incorporate exercise with a low calorie diet and effective weight loss supplement for best results. This product doesn’t include either of the latter components.

Product Features

When you purchase the Fitness Quest Easy Shaper, you will receive the device itself plus an owner’s manual that will explain how to set up and use the equipment. This manual also includes information about the various exercises that can be done on the Fitness Quest Easy Shaper, along with illustrations for easier use. The manual also delves briefly into the components of a total fitness program, including the USDA Food Pyramid guide for healthy eating habits. The company website also provides articles on these topics that consumers can peruse at no charge. We did not see anything in this information regarding weight loss supplements.

At the time of this review, the Fitness Quest Easy Shaper sells on the company website for about $60. Currently, the company is also offering a free shipping option. There is a 20-day money back guarantee on the item. However, shipping costs on this oversized item are the responsibility of the customer. There does appear to be a limited warranty included with purchase as well.

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  • The Fitness Quest Easy Shaper is designed specifically for women.
  • The company is currently offering a free shipping option.


  • The Fitness Quest Easy Shaper is not a complete weight loss program.
  • The machine may tone and tighten, but it won’t burn fat or calories very effectively.
  • The Fitness Quest Easy Shaper will only be as effective as the person who uses it.


Weight loss is all about burning fat first and foremost, which is most efficiently done through aerobic exercise. No amount of toning work will get rid of the spare tire or love handles unless aerobic activity is done at the same time. While the Fitness Quest Easy Shaper may be an inexpensive, effective means of toning the body, there are other necessary components – like a low calorie diet and effective supplement – that will help you achieve optimal weight loss results.

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    I’ve been looking for the DVD workout for the Easy Shaper by FitnessQuest, Inc. I did have a VHS tape – it is not working. Really need the DVD format. Please advise on how I can order. Please Help!!!


  • 2

    I need some resistance bands for the easy shaper for woman I bought off ebay


  • 3
    Rita Blinstein

    I would like to inquire where can I get replacements for resistance bands and how long it takes to receive it?