Fitness Quest Edge 420 Skier Review

Editor's Review: 3.0 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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The Fitness Quest Edge 420 Skier is another piece of equipment sold by Fitness Quest, a company known for its infomercials, and devices like the Ab Lounge and Gazelle. However, at the time of this review, the Fitness Quest Edge 420 Skier no longer appears to be in stock, and we are unsure if this is due to a high demand or lack of sales. The product is similar to a Nordic Track and can be used to strengthen and shape both upper and lower body. The product also claims to be an excellent fat burner, which is a positive characteristic if one is shopping for a piece of exercise equipment for weight loss purposes.

The Fitness Quest Edge 420 Skier appears to be a fairly standard skier, with a range of incline settings and resistance adjustments. These features allow the user to adjust the workout to his personal ability level, and ensure that workouts will continue to be challenging as his strength and endurance increases. While the product did not currently appear to be for sale from the Fitness Quest website, we did find it from a number of online retailers. However, many retailers also showed the item was out of stock, leading us to further wonder if the company was no longer manufacturing the Fitness Quest Edge 420 Skier.

Product Features

The Fitness Quest Edge 420 Skier doesn’t appear to come with any other equipment, other than a user manual. The user manual should explain how to work the device and plan a workout program using the skier. In addition, the Fitness Quest website provides information about fitness and weight loss, with a number of articles on these topics. Consumers can browse this information free of charge, simply by visiting the company website.

At the time of this review, a Fitness Quest Edge 420 Skier can be purchased for around $190. This price is discounted from the original purchase price of $230. Return policies will be dependent on the retailer providing the merchandise, since this skier no longer seems to be available from the company. We are also unsure of the warranty policy for Fitness Quest discontinued merchandise.

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  • The Fitness Quest Edge 420 Skier provides fat and calorie burning benefits.
  • The device can be purchased for a discounted price.


  • The product no longer seems to be available through the Fitness Quest website.
  • Exercise equipment is only as good as the dieter who uses it regularly.
  • Daily exercise is only one part of an effective weight loss program.


There is plenty of workout equipment on the market today, and much of it will promise big results in a small amount of time. The Fitness Quest Edge 420 Skier offers fat burning and aerobic exercise, but the device does not appear to be readily available at this time. We encourage consumers to look for current equipment that will provide a warranty and money back guarantee for safest purchase.

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